Shopping in the World’s Best Sneaker Store!

Shopping in the World’s Best Sneaker Store!


  1. Dope video, definitely gonna make my way to that store

  2. Davide Tropiano

    Bro will you ever come to italy? i follow you from milan!

  3. What's the price of those belts.

  4. I'm so nervous about getting on the plane. What is it like flying in the air.

  5. 3:36 not gon lie I thought Drip Too Hard was bouta play

  6. I love UN n Love Vegas

  7. Can you buy stuff at Agenda? Or is it just a show case kinda event? I’ve never had the chance to make it to one.

  8. Jeremy Dela Cruz

    I thought I saw those ROTY 1's on your social media. might make me keep my pair or sell them hmmm

  9. Hey, Mike you pass right by me by a little store called Pokerface at Bally’s, anyway I hope you enjoyed Vegas.

  10. holyshititzJMAN

    A review please….

  11. The bag is probably 400

  12. Sneaker con Cleveland, u goin?

  13. Im liking tgese reviews bro, but you should put the time of you actauly in the store in the description

  14. Sneaker heaven, another banging vid man!!

  15. fireeeeee

  16. I thought this was a Blake Linder video

  17. Coped the ROTY on stockx after selling the non reflective statics. They look soo fire with the red laces.

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