Should Men Wear Black Sneakers?

Should Men Wear Black Sneakers?

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  1. thanks Ashley and Dorian great advice

  2. Nicholas Sanchez

    All black Nike cortez foo

  3. I love black sneakers. Kinda surprised by this response, but to each their own.

  4. Men should wear what they want

  5. TheIndianBlader AshtonPinto

    Thanks. Jesus Bless

  6. The question should be: should men wear white ones? The answer is absolutely not.


  8. Hey I saw you in a commercial for Wal-Mart fashion!

  9. I like dorians bomber. where did u get it from? thanks!!

  10. Love the EDC series. Hope you're working on some new episodes.

  11. I would never wear "sneakers" except for Squash and I use the Nike Kill Shot which it was designed for squash or racket ball an indoor shoe has that terrific gum rubber sole. Good episode !

  12. Black sneakers are boring (for me) so i will choose versatile white sneakers :), how about you guys?

  13. Doesn’t make any sence

  14. I feel like I'm wearing ninja slippers of the shoes are all black.

  15. This hairstyle suits you Ashely 🙂

  16. Jhonatan Sanchez

    love the advice. i was recently thinking about this too

  17. Black sneakers are extremely versatile IMO, even more so than white sneakers!

  18. Who here is dave2D fan?

  19. Sneakers esp black ones work great. Comfortable, useful and you do not see dirt and so on.
    Just get good ones like Salomon.

  20. one channel i didnt expect to hear was Dave2D

  21. I think some of your advice needs to be tailored for the dirty, grimy cities of the North.

  22. What’s up with the sockless models in the photos? Dorian wore socks. The sockless look rubs me the wrong way, e.g. if people don’t want to see men’s bare feet (from another of the videos), surely bare ankles aren’t much better. Plus, the contrast with the flesh throws off the whole black, gray, white scheme, IMO.

  23. I only were Walmart sneakers

  24. Bernardo Courrege

    Considering that I'm 43, I think I would only wear all black sneakers to the gym. But that's just me .

  25. Black shoes, white sole= sexy!

  26. This is great info, thanks! Love this two minute tuesday idea.

  27. Both of you look adorable together,♥️
    Love from India.

  28. I agree. Would also suggest just trading out the shoe strings on all black sneakers. I did with black & white stripes & it made a world of difference

  29. We love both you guys

  30. Dorian thumbing down in the thumbnail like a douche! I don't care what he thinks. I'm here for the professional opinions of Ashley Weston!

  31. Yes an all black sneakers is cool if it's the Nike Air Max 90!

  32. Just searching about this topic yesterday. Thank you!

  33. Dimensionalconsciousness

    Weird how that little detail can make or break your whole outfit. Also, 7 people, are heavy all black shoes

  34. Never expected to hear Dave2d here but damn! HAHA

  35. Great video guys! I was just trying to decide on a triple black vs black and white sole sneaker. Think I’m going with the white sole now for the versatility. Also Ash you’re beautiful the way you are, no need for “enhancing”.

  36. I wish this video should be come earlier. I brought two full black sneakers one from Prada and one from Christian Louboutin

  37. When you are out of topics to make videos.

  38. All black is too heavy. I agree! Has that restaurant worker look that they have to wear in some restaurants! Thank you!

  39. That’s racist

  40. Ashley hoy should do a video of haircuts for 2019! Great video!

  41. I think you're spot on about black sneaks looking "heavy" but why is it tho? Isn't black typically slimming?

  42. Am I the only one that starts to move with the motion of the intro?

  43. Kevin Andre Umipig

    Loved the dave2d reference

  44. Hey guys! Great tip! Does this apply to all black boots in your opinions?

  45. Can u do a guide to style white sneakers, like colour combos and stuff

  46. I immediately pressed like when you mentioned dave2d hahaha

  47. Yes we should ( i save u 5 minutes so like the comment)

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