Sizing With Nike/Jordan Grade School GS VS Men Shoes With @DjDelz On The Sneaker Addict Show

Sizing With Nike/Jordan Grade School GS VS Men Shoes With @DjDelz On The Sneaker Addict Show

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  1. About the bc3 saying that they will be limited. And he said I get it from him

  2. i was watching anime and then i saw notification from pinoE and said 11 concord

  3. Crissting Shaye

    If I wear a 7 in women what would I be in gs?

  4. Naisha Dorvilus

    I wear size 8.5 so in grade school what size would that be?

  5. jerrinique davis

    what size would I wear in grade school boys if I wear a size 9.5 in women

  6. Aliyah Washington

    so if I wear a 9.5 in womem what size do i wear in gs size and do retro jordans run big

  7. what's a men size 9 in gs??

  8. Hey I wear a size 8 in women's what will be my size in Jordans?

  9. Quardrique Guyton

    So if I wear a 8 in men can I get a 8 In the girl grade school for the valentine day 12

  10. I wear a size 9.5 in women what size shoe do I get in grade school

  11. so I am a size 7. I wanted to buy some jordans but they only have size 8-13. Then I saw Jordan grade school and I saw a size 7. So my question is…Is a grade school 7 the same size as a men 7?

  12. José Tony Stark Peña

    This is not true at all. I'm 7Y and Men's 7.5.
    The smallest Men's that Nike makes would be a 6 which are rare. Op is right that the largest GS is 9.5Y aka extended GS. These are mostly girls kicks btw. Also I always pay the extra $50 for Men's when it's available. The cushioning is a night and day difference. Example: Foamposites Men's have full length Zoom Air which feels amazing. In the GS lil' posites foam, carbon fiber and zoom are all missing. I have Men's Free 5.0, Foamposites, and Lunar running shoes in size 7; they are all tight. Men's foam for me fit more comfortable in 7.5-8. Lebrons in size 8. and Jordan's in 7.5. All GS 7Y fit me. I'm sorry bot OP sounds like a news reporter. I feel like it's my duty to provide a primary source for those who are around my size and have these options. Peace.

  13. is a grade school size 7 the same thing as a mens size 7

  14. Are some gs boxes the same as mens?

  15. Christian Castaneda

    If I was a boy who wears size 8 in mens and camped out but asked for 8Y would that look weird? Because its a women size, Please Answer

  16. Well I guess dat the new sizing is good. I wear a size 7 and I've always wanted to wear men's shoes but I guess I'll just stay with gs. Plus u can save about 50 to 40 bucks

  17. Gabriel Fernandez

    Oh wait im watching the video again you meant size 7

  18. Damn never thought i could cop a gs size lol great vid delz

  19. So if i wear a 9.5 can i kno fit grades school size which is cheaprr??

  20. Yo when are they doing this

  21. macrabregaming _

    It depends on the size of your foot, i have a kobe 9 i bought it in GS Size 6.5 and it is the same as size 8 to 8.5 to men's size. The difference with the shoe for the GS and men's are the looks, how they make it. Kobe 9 GS has a full flywire support unlike the men's it is not full flywire support. Lucky i saw this video about GS and men's shoe sizing Thank you DJ Delz for this video. I hope you have a video about Kobe 9 mentality Thumbs up! 

  22. How do u guys feel about this? Is it a good or bad thing?

  23. What shoe will this start at

  24. This really pisses me off. The quality on the grade school sizes is usually pretty shitty and not like men sizes. Man Im pissed!

  25. So if I wear a 9.5 am I a youth now? Gs?

  26. in retros i wear both gs and men sizes a 7y on my foot fits perfect vs a mens 7 which fits slightly bigger. so it is a difference not exactly the same

  27. So 3 different sizing mens , GS & girls & if itz girls aka GG go up 1 1/2 on the size so if you're 9.5 mens buy a GG sz11 However nothing changed for men or youth sizes…All they did iz add girl sizes on certain models not all!!

  28. There r GS sizes that go up to 7y & then GG sizes that go up to 11 in girls which iz a mens 9.5…

  29. InspiringSOLE GSreviews

    So can I still get a 7y since that's my size?

  30. 9.5 is the biggest because that's a women's 11, all they did was basically bring back women's Jordan's

  31. Anonymous JIMBOB

    You make the dumbest videos

  32. I'm kinda happy because I'm a size 9 1/2 but i buy size tens a lot but I miss the grade school color ways so Im happy im age 13

  33. So if u wear a size 9 grade school size will the price go down or it will still be near 200$

  34. I'm a 9.5 and I feel immasculated knowing kids are wearing my size

  35. MA Sneaker Productions

    No Way can they do this

  36. nice awesome i can get jordan retros easier 

  37. How much for the south beaches ? I need them man .!!!

  38. 1st comment and view.. Keep up the hard work delz.

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