Ski Mask The Slump God Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

Ski Mask The Slump God Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

- in Women Sneakers



  2. Besides those Jordans…Nigga got some taste

  3. do lil pump

  4. Vic Blommaerts Vlogs

    Complex more like comflex

  5. Sneaker shopping with Boonk.ig

  6. He seems so chill, I wanna hang out with him

  7. Michael Suhendro

    did cole bennet edit this video?

  8. Take X

  9. Do one with xxx

  10. So lil pump

  11. Do Lil pump

  12. Sebastian arrieta

    Someone tell me what drugs hes on i wanna feel that shit too

  13. I feel like ski is the first to be like Jesus Christ when it comes to the total price

  14. Haha i didn't know wtf he was talking about with that whole i got a box thing at the end until I paused the video on the receipt and he bought a big ass Supreme metal lock box.

  15. Man.. people are sleeping on sock darts haha you cut that dumb ass plastic part, throw some laces in there and basically turn em into Pharrell NMD's and they are comfortable af. I dunno why Nike doesn't use that knit in those over flynit, shit is so stretchy and comfortable. Sock darts are still fresh.

  16. Nicholas Cunningham

    It might sound kinda dumb to some people but the fact that he said 2000$ was hurting his heart made me appreciate him a lot more than i did prior to watching this. The fact that he's gotten to a certain level of fame, and he's still thinking about his money like that makes me feel like I can relate to him that much more. I mean, I'll watch people spend 5k and even 20k on this show and not even flinch and this dude still seems like he's in touch with his everyday person self. I dunno. That speaks volumes about his character to me for some reason. I wish him all the best in his future endeavors

  17. lil pump

  18. YO!!! They need to add Trippie Redd

  19. I already had a pair of sock darts before this video

  20. issa box

  21. Young lockhart YoungL

    trippe redd

  22. Ybn nahmir should be on here

  23. 1:47 whenever you go to a designer store and see the price for a shirt

  24. Ski Mask talks too fast and too much nigga is retarded

  25. Ski mask funny af

  26. This dude a tweaker he cool tho

  27. All About Boxing

    I don't know who the fuck this kid is but he's pretty funny.

  28. We need x

  29. He's such a character

  30. Anybody know the soundtrack that the video comes in to

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