SMART CASUAL LOOKBOOK FALL 2018 | Sneaker Outfits Ideas | Men’s Fashion Inspiration

SMART CASUAL LOOKBOOK FALL 2018 | Sneaker Outfits Ideas | Men’s Fashion Inspiration

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  1. That pumpkin shirt jacket is the look. Best piece out all of the looks. Very fall. Brown shoes with black pants is a fashion "rule" that I can't break. It doesn't look right to me but you pulled it off with this combo.

  2. I guess when I finish losing weight I'll be back to your channel…

  3. Please do more of this "grown-up streetwear" style. There is not many people who do it well yet you seem to know how to look casual yet refined. Keep up the good work!

  4. Dominique Fuller

    You killed this!!!!! Man I’m in awe right now, look #2…honestly I’ve never seen you step out in color like that and you blew me away! That jacket needs to be in my closet!


    Where do you get your shades? Great video as well!

  6. This is just amazing Devan. You inspire me always and keep doing great work my man.

  7. That first outfit was fire! The other two were good, but seemed more fall oriented compared to the first one.

  8. I'm a big fan your first outfit! The gum sole is a priority in the fall/winter and a bomber jacket is a great way to elevate a casual outfit! Thanks for another gem!

  9. Yo Devan, can you make a video about how to take pictures of yourself with your iPhone without anyone taking the pictures

  10. Yo…I'm stealing all of these Looks. Excellent job.

  11. Nice outfits. I'm def out of the loop b/c especially with that third outfit, I keep thinking the pants are too short. Just can't get past that look. Pants should sit on your shoes, right? Great vid.

  12. I like the first outfit. I have the allsaints varsity jacket (except it’s in charcoal as opposed to black) would that still work with the burgundy chinos?

  13. I am a big fan of yours bro. Unique designs as always!!

  14. That mustard jacket on #2 is what's up. Great vid overall

  15. Robert Castillo

    like outfit 1 & 2 those plum chinos are lit and that yellow jacket was a nice touch.

  16. Some nice looks here , I dig that overcoat. That’s next on my list of swag “must haves “

  17. Could you make a video on how to treat leather jackets?

  18. 3rd fit lookin clean !!

  19. All three…can't choose brother, can't choose… =))

  20. Love look 2 especially the the coach jacket. Another great video amazing content!!!

  21. Bro! Yoy became my favorite YouTube channel!! Awesome content and quality as well!! Wish you uploaded videos more often!.
    Cheers from phoenix az

  22. I like the vibe on the first and second look. Great video Devan! God bless

  23. Love the colour of the overcoat

  24. Could you maybe try to put some looks with more "playful" sneakers together? Because you always recommend having one but (almost) never use them in an outfit.
    Or do you think it's impossible to dress something like runners up?

  25. Great vid…plz make one on jackets for fall and winter

  26. I love this vid. Choice number 3 is dope.

  27. Effortless Gent

    So dope. Love those Louboutin sneaks too

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