Sneak Peek: MAYOR’s Sneaker Collection Part 1

Sneak Peek: MAYOR’s Sneaker Collection Part 1


  1. sergiovalenzuela11

    How did he gain so much weight??????

  2. The back of his head is ridiculous

  3. Brendan Chickenugget

    This cameraman sucks this camera won't focus for crap I want to see the shoe plz

  4. Yo Mayer I know who exactly you talking about dude is mad corny son real talk!!!

  5. This camera man sucks ass

  6. Who's watching in 2017 still, episode does not get old!

  7. A1 Mayor

  8. perfect pair collection better

  9. mayor is quite shite amazing collection crazy boring guy

  10. The most annoying motherfucker in the planet

  11. Honestly his AF1 design customs color ways are ugly

  12. Props to this guy ! Last time I saw him he weighed like 600 pounds he lost lots of weight

  13. I understand why Mayor said that if you love sneakers you would have both general releases and some exclusive stuff. real collectors have in line stuff much respect mayor

  14. Why wld you spend all this money on Made In China garbage? This guy could buy Italian designer sneakers that are way better quality and not suporting this comi made junk. I see the same shoes for $30 at my local discount store, Just normal colors but the made in China quality is the same. This is the type of stuff a 12 year old would buy.

  15. I'd like to see his socks collection after this

  16. he basically roasting perfect pair the whole time

  17. Carlo Caballero

    Im curious why MAYOR doesnt like perfect pair? Jealousy? Yeah..i think jealousy..all about the money.

  18. you like grey? look at that cool shoe. (pulls out the cool grey 11s)

  19. i cant even keep watching cause he just keep dropping

  20. #BARFactz coming soon

  21. The mayor fat asf

  22. where can i get those storage containers on line for cheap

  23. Mayor … thats all i have 100 pair of GR LMAO !!!!

  24. Who the fuck would wear that shit let alone fucking collect it has he heard of pussy


  26. What are those sneaker storages called ?

  27. mayor or the perfect pair, what ya'll think ? Like for Mayor , dislike for the perfect pair (respect for both )

  28. Baltimore Luciano

    air force collection was serious

  29. How much moeny did he spen on the drop-boxes

  30. This dude ain't human

  31. I thought I was the AF1 biggest fan lol


  33. Those Chinese words on the AF1 mean WIN EVERY SINGLE BATTLE

  34. you look like a real shmuck with your hat like that!!!!!!

  35. "you dont love sneakers if you were a size 7-9 or 12-14"? what the fuck is this dude smoking? How much more arrogant can you be lmao

  36. awesome check out my doernbecher 7 sneakers hoodie hat video on my channel

  37. Mayor > perfect pair easy this isn't even half of his shoes

  38. I like 3s,4s,12s and 11s

  39. It does not matter what size you where to love sneakers

  40. Thx camera man for an awful video

  41. what the fuck he has a supreme fire extinguisher???

  42. too much AF 1. mehh. to each his own i guess

  43. How

    Read more…

  44. How is he famous. Or how does he afford all these shoes.

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