Sneaker Collection 2017 | LexiVee03

Sneaker Collection 2017 | LexiVee03

- in Women Sneakers


  1. I realized after the video I accidentally said the wrong year for the 11s… :/

  2. Win like 82** 11s

  3. Your spoiled

  4. Aryanna Collins

    You are ruff on those shoes

  5. Frizo Marcus78 _TV


  6. Keniya Sykes

    gang gang shoes

  7. Shahzad Khan

    You have so many shoes but ur still complaining

  8. Bkbabyxoxo 35

    Can u do a video to show where u got your sneakers??

  9. Ella Brousseau


  10. Do your Order you shoe and if you do what website(s) you got them from. Also thx for the vid❤️

  11. Fatima Hargett

    You have a shoe collection of Jordan’s

  12. Ya fav Gabby

    Y do u get shoes that u don’t like and that ur not finna wear

  13. She baddddd

  14. Brianna Tucker

    She so ungrateful some people don’t even have shoes

  15. retro watch dogs

    Do you have a boyfriend if you don't I'm your guy

  16. She's cute

  17. she pretty

  18. Russell Stallworth

    U cute

  19. Ky'lan Trains

    I'm ready for Friday

  20. My son has those same retro 4’s with the gold

  21. Joseph Anderson

    It is funny because my name is Jordan but instead of an it is yn

  22. Tieshaa Monk

    do you have more shoes….


    You is cute!!!!!!!!

  24. Zacaria Nelson

    you have a lot of shoes

  25. Janette Esther

    The shoes you don't wear pls donate. There are many kids I know here that don't have clothes or shoes to wear. Thanks

  26. Chucho Ramos

    All she has jordans and 2 nikes she should like expand and get nmds and ultraboost and vans

  27. Mikaela&Kynnadi Show

    The time 4:28 those are 3s not 4s .

  28. Joshua Mandat

    Win like 82s you ment

  29. Some of ya niggas old asf show some respect she's like 13

  30. My sister has the black and gold ones with the fancy box

  31. Jesse Jeffery

    please what size you were

  32. Jesse Jeffery

    can I get the China shoe

  33. Do u have vans

  34. PopularBoyGamer

    Damn u a Jawn

  35. Alina Jimenez

    I love how she’s actually being humble . I’ve watched hella other shoe collection n ppl act ghetto , ratchet and act hella stuck up

  36. Rashida Burrell

    I think you should do the hot Cheetos and Taki challenge

  37. Rashida Burrell

    I like your shoes

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