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  1. Lmao I only have like 4 pairs of shoes.

  2. how do u clean ur NMDs?

  3. i watch this at least once a day… i love shoes so much and i want all these

  4. Omg!!! I have 2 pairs of shoes ad can barely afford them…. She slays them shoes❤️

  5. can someone recommend a good pair of plain white shoes other than the superstars and Stan smits

  6. Does anyone else hear sponge bob walking around in the music… Nope just me

  7. How do you keep your shoes so clean ?

  8. Her feet don't grow anymore probably so she can collect

  9. I almost died cuz jus a creasin all of dem

  10. I loved these

  11. i literally only wear vans its a problem

  12. I only got converse and adidas wish I had Vans:( You're so lucky you have so many sneakers

  13. and the Reebok classic

  14. love the shell top super star

  15. can i buy any of your old shoes

  16. I like that girls have shoe collections too!

  17. Love all your shoes

  18. jfc whenever see puma i think of bts

  19. Arlene Caraballo

    Who the hell can afford these many shoes

  20. I cant wait for when my feet stop growing so I can start to have a shoe collection!

  21. You're so lucky that vans old skools (generally sneakers but most of all vans) suits on your feet. I wear a big size of shoes and my feet are like big and thin and my second toe is like bigger than the others and ew just barf. I was in love for about half year with vans old skool and when I order them online and finally got them they look disgusting on my feet. I don't like to sound like ungrateful rn but I wish I could have 1-2 pair of shoes and wearing a normal shoe size than than having every shoe I want on my feet right now. I watch videos like this and I'm so jealous for real :/ Yeah and that is my insecurity of all times and I just felt the need to say it 🙁

  22. I literally love hoddies and sneakers

  23. Delicious Mistakes

    what size are you

  24. Sneaker Fam ftw

  25. them 3 pairs o Jordan's the ugliest shoes I ever seen, burn those bitcjes, but those vans sexy asl I am would smash

  26. for everyone asking about the adidas cloudfoam , that isn't what it's called. it is called adidas climcacool free bounce and is no longer sold except for on amazon and it's very limited.

  27. *3 pairs of shoes

  28. i literally own 1 pair of trainers and I wear them for everything wtf

  29. Yuichi Inumaru Lange



  31. I literally cringed every time she creased her shoes

  32. sneaker fam ftw

  33. wow u hav a lot of vans

  34. Estefany Martinez

    no hate but it was annoying wen she creased her foot

  35. Um Stan smiths as in American dad?

  36. puma fierces slap!!

  37. you raised up your foot 60 times and were not even half way through the video

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