SNEAKER COLLECTION 2017 | virtuallykobe

SNEAKER COLLECTION 2017 | virtuallykobe

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  1. That was a fat cat

  2. 2:51 i cant find them anywhere

  3. How did the pumas run in sizes?

  4. Every time she creased a leather shoe, I cringed

  5. Arikarin-Nightcore Kittenlover1235

    If you don't mind me asking, what size are you?

  6. So many shoes lucky

  7. all r good but 2nd one is best

  8. I like your adidas shoes I have a pair of black and white adidas shoes I like your white adidas shoes to

  9. Obsessed with this !!!!

  10. I love your white converse ! do you wear them without socks ?

  11. Can you do a closet tour please?

  12. instantly subscribed when i saw harry's butterfly tattoo on your youtube banner! in love with the quality of your videos as well 🙂

  13. Love your shoes! Check out mine! Would love for you to sub as I'm trying to reach 100 by the end of January! Thanks!

  14. Omg!! Goals!!

  15. love all the shoes!!!


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