Sneaker Collection 2018 | LexiVee03

Sneaker Collection 2018 | LexiVee03


  1. Flako and Keiko

    70k woww

  2. in your thumbnail do u use women's drop frog boxes or men's ???

  3. Great collection.

  4. juanokloc 328

    How do u afford these kicks at like 14

  5. Paola Candelario

    Can you please do a video on how you clean your j’s

  6. You don’t have retro 13s?

  7. Meanwhile I only have 2 pairs of shoes…

  8. Tacos Are cool

    give me your shoes, I’ll give you drugs in return

  9. Curlyhead Kaylee


  10. Can’t wait to get my Vans!!

  11. нσω мαиу ʝσя∂αиѕ υ нα

  12. I've got 5 pair of bc3's, btw

  13. I’m so glad you know your stuff. Amazing collection you got goin on! My favorite was them beautiful royals. Also love how you wear all your shoes.

  14. Big boy Spongebob

    big ass foot

  15. never saw a girls sneaker collection that was cleaner than a boys. Mind blown!!

  16. you got odee 10's and 11's

  17. Water Protection

    Tryna go out

  18. You’re so pretty

  19. Shakira Houston

    I have those pinkish red gold 12

  20. Did you get these sneakers overtime? Or do you just buy sneakers back 2 back

  21. Kristy Torres

    Do a singing video please

  22. Kristy Torres

    Can you do a video you singing a cover? I wanna hear you sing

  23. Trishawn James

    They all ugly

  24. Brianna Jean-Baptiste

    can you do a weekend morning routine

  25. Kanyon Conner

    You a baddie

  26. saniah shumate

    Anyone know how old she is

  27. Keshawnda Teague

    whats in the gold boxes?????

  28. Dameesha Macklin

    What’s her @

  29. Ohhh my good plz give one of this hhhhjhh

  30. Red 11s

  31. How much 11s does she need

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