SNEAKER COLLECTION (jordans & nike)

SNEAKER COLLECTION (jordans & nike)


  1. got more mf shoes than me

  2. get litty with lalli

    Use Jason Markk to clean your shoes! best shoe cleaner out there

  3. 9:00 sell themm girl

  4. Ouuu periodt sis

  5. You should do a video where you close ur eyes and pick a pair of Jordan’s and u have to base ur outfit on the shoes for a whole week.

  6. Sebastian Carmack

    What ever shoes u don’t ware or want can I have them please we ware the same size

  7. You should do a full collection

  8. For ur space jams u could put socks or some sort of tissue in the front

  9. Gabrielle Tracy

    where’s your shirt from ?

  10. Skin care rountine

  11. Do a wearing Jordan’s for a week video and show your outfit/hairstyle every day that week

  12. Do a prank on your cousin

  13. Samantha Villegas

    Hair styles video !! ❤️ and skin care routine

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