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  1. How do you guys keep white shoes clean?

  2. i love how this video wasn't basic af like the 11 other shoe collection videos i just watched lol.subscribed

  3. These girls edit their videos so good! Can you do a video about how you edit?

  4. idk how its possible to make a sneaker collection creative but congrats u guys did 🙂

  5. are youre sneakers stinky can i sniff them first the converse then the vans then the rest

  6. If you're like me and prefer cleaner shoes then try using Mr. Clean magic erasers. They clean white shoes so easily it takes so little effort. Great video!

  7. i love this video so much ive lost count of how many times ive watched it

  8. im opposite of you, my sneakers have to be perfectly clean lol. but LOVE IT, so excited about this:)❤ I enjoyed this and totally didn't mind the dirtiness 😉

  9. this video is art

  10. Your videos are the bomb

  11. That opening was sick

  12. all star or superstar?

  13. Amairani Hernandez

    Como es que sus Stan Smith están súper cuidados? 🙁

  14. I completely understand! I have an obsession with all white sneakers and they always get dirty and I love them that way

  15. i love your editing xo

  16. Omg, I came here from the channel ToTheBasic, because she was insprired by you for her sneaker collection, but she actually just copied the entire editing :/

  17. That dolce k looks so good on cassie!

  18. Jesselyn Whiteside

    Shit guys u just do videos so well

  19. love you guys<33333

  20. New subscriber and you guys have the best video content. I'm so obsessed with you guys' videos and I've been binge watching a lot

  21. I seriously love your editing! And I love your outfits even more.
    What video editing software do you use?

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