Sneaker Collection Video for my lil girl. Topshelfsneakers #20

Sneaker Collection Video for my lil girl. Topshelfsneakers #20

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  1. Liya Waite-Ordonez

    your camera

  2. What size is she?! Ill buy them off of you. If there is any 3y.

  3. Dang u girl is two things well kinda three but this :
    1) she is set for shoes
    2) she's awesome cause she's a tomboy like me ( sry if I am wrong if she isn't a tomboy )
    3) I am jealous cause she has more shoes then me I have like four pairs of shoes lol

  4. Dang your lil girl must be hella fresh.

  5. Saydonica Medina

    i wish i was your daughter (:

  6. Saydonica Medina

    i wish i had a dad like you !

  7. shes gonna be one lucky girl when s he grows . shes gonna have the most heat when she goes to kindergarten!

  8. Mackenzie Kingsley

    Your a good dad!! Hope your girl will always be good!!!

  9. Mackenzie Kingsley


  10. nice man, sounds like ur a good dad

  11. you a good dad. 5/star

  12. That's great man. I have a lil boy and a lil girl and I'm getting there sneaker game going. Great vid!

  13. I wish I had a kid to buy shoes for!

  14. cute

  15. haha this is so cute

  16. her grails look like air maxes hahahahahaha

  17. nice vid dude

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