SNEAKER ROTATION SUMMER 2019 | Men's Fashion | Daniel Simmons

SNEAKER ROTATION SUMMER 2019 | Men's Fashion | Daniel Simmons

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  1. El Boyo Electronico

    Man, I really wish I could wear Converse or Vans, but having very wide forefeet, they will never work. But I sure love my Nike Prestos, thank god for these!

  2. Nice rotation dude! I will be rocking my new Vans comfy cush all white mostly plus a pair of black Nike running sneakers for work and workout.

  3. Do the top 10 sneakers summer 2019!

  4. ЯЕсть Грейпфрут

    This summer I'm gonna be rocking vans authentics, adidas yung-1s, adidas stan smiths, and…doc martens 1461:)

  5. Awesome video man! Any tips for making the doc Marten's more comfortable? Especially in the summer?

  6. Dope video. What camera do you use?

  7. Daniel your style is awesome and your videos just make my day I look forward to each video keep up the great work

  8. levi bent lee!!!!!!!

  9. joshua afonso

    Worship the vomeros

  10. i would’ve liked to see you pair some of those sneakers up with a few pairs of shorts, but other than that great video!

  11. Love from india…..

  12. it wouldn't be Daniel if there ain't any Doc Martens

  13. Need to know the pants he had on whilst showing of the shoes

  14. Where'd you cop the black tee ur wearing bro??

  15. I wish one day I could buy a Triple S

  16. who the fuck disliked this

  17. what size shoe are you? Curious as to how to the triple s would look on foot for someone with bigger feet

  18. Glifford Channel

    Those TripleS scream "look at me I'm Daniel Simmons"

  19. I need an opinion. What should I cop af1 or convers hi 70 ?

  20. The scenery is so cool in the shots with the shoes. Keep it up Danieeeel !

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