Sneaker Shopping to Find the BEST White Sneakers! (VLOG)

Sneaker Shopping to Find the BEST White Sneakers! (VLOG)

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  1. I love the new watch!

  2. Just get some air forces

  3. Adrian De Los Santos

    I go with Cole Haan grand zeros

  4. I rather buy white af1s

  5. 6:20 , dont thanks me.

  6. Try the crown northampton's ones

  7. Get some Alexander mqueens

  8. Stan Smith!

  9. Love this video Alpha, keep doing more shopping videos on high fashion brands Also my favourite place to get white sneakers from as become : Lip Barcelona's. its an online brand but their quality hits common project or even better

  10. Cole Haan not the best leather and agreed, C.P. $$$$, Bloomingdales suffering the Nordstom syndrome. Suit Supply looks good on camera. currently i like my Greats but I love my @Crown Northampton Uptons

  11. Puma One 8 white sneakers

  12. Please what is the name of this mall and where is it?

  13. I’d like to see suit supply sneakers compared to Koio leather sneakers

  14. I just bought a pair of all white leather sneakers yesterday from H&M…. $30..
    That's crazy because before I just watched this video, I was out everywhere trying to find decent white sneakers… Crazy coincidence! Thanks Alpha!

  15. Walking around with the gold root-beer and I’m over here to shy to rock my TT rose gold datejust 41. Fuck I need to grow some balls and stop being shy

  16. Reebok Club C 85

  17. Adidas Stan Smith

  18. Abdinajib Hussein

    Nice vlog

  19. You have veja shoes, from France and Brazil. And you also have the classy Stan Smith from Adidas.


    u got no drip

  21. Jean Paul Oduya

    Looking forward for ZARA sneakers review, They're quite classy & affordable.

  22. Glad to see suit supply guy knew what he was talking about!!

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