Sneaker Shopping With The Youngest & Biggest Hypebeast

Sneaker Shopping With The Youngest & Biggest Hypebeast


  1. i have subscribed i really wanna win!!!!!!

  2. can i get them

  3. Mags 22 k likes

  4. please I really want those I subscribed Yeezys

  5. I want the yeezys

  6. oufit is fresh.

  7. It’s already 22k likes wht bout the mags

  8. rly good youtuber very different and cool love watching you good luck to everyone going for the giveaway,happy new year to you blake ; D

  9. Want those fog vans ngl

  10. Stfu why u gotta mention fog/vans every damn minute

  11. Hey Blake I have a question for the giveaway can u pick your size and the shoe u want or just the shoe you want?

  12. Can I have the yeezys

  13. Tell him to make a channel

  14. Lets get it

  15. Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 12345

    I subbed

  16. i want the fear of god x vans. on the hypebeast journey.

  17. Pusheen GamingHD

    Choosee meeee

  18. you are wearing shorts lol its -2 where i live

  19. Jourdan De Moura


  20. Extra cringy

  21. When u think u can so cool

  22. how old is he??

  23. 11k to go

  24. Wheres sneaker Shopping?

  25. It’s cancer

  26. itsyobabygirlchuder

    Notification gang where you at ?

  27. Kevin Montelongo

    I'm done

  28. Last time he was doing a giveaway he was gonna give his air mags and he didn’t reach the subs he asked for and I’ll bet he won’t reach this one either but idrc he cool



  31. bigsouljaboy pull up whit the draco dat way

    I like it a lot

  32. Can u give me the yeezys

  33. Subscribed, followed you on all your social media’s hope I win

  34. Please give me the Yeezy

  35. Do more challenges

  36. 8:08 EVERYTIME someone try's to dab me up but I'm just to socially awkward and give them a handshake

  37. Hit me up with those fear of God vans fam

  38. This dude can't even talk without moving his hands everywhere

  39. 15,000 he said I’m waiting on the video

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