Sneaker Store Buys And Sells Some Of The Rarest Kicks In The World

Sneaker Store Buys And Sells Some Of The Rarest Kicks In The World


  1. I will never understand the sneaker business…

  2. Ima stick to my Gucci slide s

  3. This is one of those shops you enter but you know you'll never leave with anything

  4. They also have the worst prices of all time

  5. If you choose flight club over Stock X when buying online, you are certified special ed

  6. Am sticking to my cookie monster shoes

  7. Playing4JesusChrist Andmyfamily

    I have 30 sneakers worth 15,000

  8. i would buy the chocolate sneakers instead of this

  9. faisal aljallaf

    This dude probably ate Weed pizza

  10. Łoveły X Preciøuš

    0:17 something Lil Tay would say

  11. At least I got my kyrie 4s

  12. StarFruitGaming

    Who knew shoes could be so "Amazing" cough cough sarcasm * cough GMCOUGH CHOKE&

  13. StockX is cheaper

  14. Rashed? MoneyKicks

  15. My vans cost 40$ and I had them for 2 years

  16. Just imagined if that place was robbed or even worse burned down. Twitter would be up and roaring about that shit, I like my 40$ vans

  17. hyuna pls be my auntie

    ill stick to my hello kitty slides

  18. Stranger In Moscow

    I dead ass thought flight club was a fake website where they scam you to buy shoes. I saw it everywhere and it was over 300$ depending. I should see the NYC shop for myself, and see if I walk out with anything (probably not I'm too broke)

  19. Are you kidding me !!
    I have the same exact shoes
    Wayy cheaper !!!

  20. and the most expensive sneaker i own is about 22.95$…

  21. Burn that Chinese trash

  22. There ugly af

  23. Here I am wearing 18.04 Us dollar sport shoes. You gotta believe me as Im a foreigner not from western.

  24. These are the same type of people that put $8,000 rims on their $800 car.

  25. I’m just gonna stick with my crocs

  26. at 1:33 the shoes there arent even rare

  27. The shoes that cost 40,000 dollars was in a movie I think

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