SNEAKER TRY ON HAUL! Nike, Adidas | SayehSharelo♡

SNEAKER TRY ON HAUL! Nike, Adidas | SayehSharelo♡

- in Women Sneakers


  1. Chaylen Patricia

    What’s your size in vans? And Nike ?

  2. You talk way to much no offense

  3. ❤️❤️❤️

  4. What lippie are you wearing ?

  5. She looks like baby Ariel

  6. Where is your necklace from?

  7. she lookes like baby ariels big sis

  8. where are the 270's froom 🙁 i need a link, i cannot find them just in black and white without the pink sole 🙁

  9. i love how you just keep calling us b**

  10. Le racisme révèle un mal être et un complexe

    Beautiful girl with beautiful sneakers

  11. I don’t think you had to get the Nike vapormax plus in all black for $300 you could’ve gotten it for $150-$170

  12. caitlin and maddison

    Love the new setup!!!!

  13. You look like baby ariel and andrea russett, you’re so pretty!

  14. Could u plz stop looking at ur monitor

  15. Aliciona Balderas

    How did you do your intro

  16. I like the new set up!

  17. kaylnn hernandez

    where’s your cross necklace from!!!

  18. Your Sneaker hauls are what made me subscribe to you! I LOOOOVE sneakers as well! I also love the white set up ❤️✨

  19. Yasssss!! You have the best taste in shoes!!! Love your IG too! ❤️

  20. fav youtuber by far

  21. People are honestly sleep on you! I remembered when you didn’t have a sleep yet! Love your videos ❤️

  22. Love love this video and your energy girl yess

  23. I swear your shoe game is on fleeky fleek girl ❤️❤️ every time I see your sneaker haul, I’m like I’ve gotta add them to my list…Love your channel ❤️

  24. You look like baby Ariel

  25. i rely on you for sneaker inspo! love these

  26. Yas ,love you ❤

  27. Paulina Victorio

    it looks greatttt boooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Yas, great video

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