Sneakers Every Man Should Own in 2018

Sneakers Every Man Should Own in 2018

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  1. You should redo all the “women’s perspective” with your husband so the videos have both perspectives


    High Top… my choice… Rick Owens Geobasket 🙂 Low Top.. Ultraboost all day long 🙂

  3. u should do for working men like not office people

  4. kalilimoku hunt

    I’m sold… just subscribed to your channel

  5. SMH…These Squares shouldn’t be giving sneaker advice.

  6. Short shorts with socks and high tops sneakers crew

  7. How so?

  8. Stan Smiths ahahaha clearly the most overrated and one of the bulkiest "minimal" white sneaker today

  9. This is a channel about style.
    Read all before you judge.

    And after quite a minute she shows the stan smith
    Even I had 2 different pairs off it some years ago.
    But damn see earned money with giving style advice and stuff.
    BUt a sneaker that literally everyone has and is now dying as superstar!
    Cuz in the begin it was cool to have cuz if it wasn't nobody would wear it now no ones wear thesuperstar,,
    The stans smith is almost in that fase
    Cuz comparing to other sale before the reduction changed with around 30 percent in price cuz the supply for the shoe decrised.
    And as a fashionista
    I would recommend a shoe that is looking cool loking good in the way of better than other peoples, looking supreme where you are gonna get a lot of compliments and you will be 1 of the few wearing it at the moment
    But as a style person just with design and the brad you will be able to see if it would be loved and a kind of a hype in the way of it will be knowed and be popular and will be respected/adored not in the way of superstar/ yeezys and etc
    If it is than recommend it.
    Like i reccomend all of you $
    Bjorn borg r200 low
    The best is the value for the money
    Around 100$ supream, respected famous brand at least in Europe where I live brand just a bit bellow Armani and Valentino (Gucci)
    You will look like a man that's cares himself good you look high class you look rich your shoes are sipmle but nice style and beautiful and the material is really of a good class,,,And its a steady shoes so like the a another shoe like I recommend you adidas ultraboost u can were this on alot of situaton
    Adidas ultra-boost triple white, or other very very supreme looking colors. like compare triple white to grey and white its just woow or tripel white on feet vs the shoes of the video
    Comfort is important but look is very important cuz aren't gonna run with that
    and i recommend you this shoe not to run cuz on a busy life where you are exhausted and move a lot or stand alot you want to look supreme/nice and more important you wanna also feel not exhausted and feel energetic so with the feeling of walking on clouds you will glow of confident instead of tiered agry guy who had a bad day.

  10. Hi Ashley and Dorian, whenever shopping for a sneaker I tried to steer away from shoes like converse which has heavy and stiff out sole. I think they don't make sense when you feel uncomfortable at the end of each day. And that's why I prefer some other more comfortable sneaker like reebok club c 85 and tretorn nylite plus. It will be great to hear what you guys' opinion on this.

  11. Private Account

    High tops make shorter dudes look like hobbits.

  12. Business partner I thought u all was getting married?

  13. I hate high top sneakers. They're so big and clunky

  14. These are the two happiest people I've ever seen in my life.

  15. You should do a video on ankle hair grooming! 🙂

  16. Boring video!

  17. What, no sketchers? What's up with that? They are the most comfortable kicks I've ever tried.

  18. Where is air drop ? Ohh shit thats on the roof of school …..#rip

  19. The Common Project one is $415…

  20. Miel van Velzen

    I feel like vans and all stars are like <25 and anyone above that age should go for something a little more mature especially in somewhat serious settings.

  21. why do you talk with your hands 😀

  22. so its just for white dude?

  23. Alexandru Pavel

    NEW BALANCE RUNNERS :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  24. Musa Kazmi Fashion

    white sneakers are my favorites in general. So versatile!

  25. TOP 3 Mens sneaker that you must try.
    1. Adidas Continental 80: Best budget leather
    2. Adidas Pureboost GO: Best budget running boost.
    3. Adidas NMD CS1 Lux: Most comfortable Hi top.

  26. What do you think about the Greats Royale sneakers?

  27. Yeah they fucked

  28. cool video. especially for me who love sneakers!

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