Soph Styles Sneakers

Soph Styles Sneakers

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  1. u look so damn cool with anything

  2. sophia please do another!

  3. srsly this video deserves more views

  4. loove this. What kind of lense do you use?

  5. b2utyfulmygirl

    Does anyone know what Sophia uses to film? Please and thank you! x

  6. What type of camera and Lens , did you use for this video …I love so much …I love your videos it's so inspiring and so are you ❣️

  7. Kitten McGray

    Besides the editing from video, you at least show and not only tell, talk, chat. Perfect

  8. Brianna S. Moreno

    what camera is she using?


  10. Sophie! This was art in motion. It was cohesive, beautiful use of natural light, very fluid. I love your style it's so SO SO! LUV U

  11. Please let us know where u get your music inspo?

  12. love all these outfits bb!

  13. The FUCJIN. Editing I hate you you're my role model I want to be you!!!!! I have goosebumps GURL you're just SOOO fucking perfect

  14. and thanks for listing out all the items from your video! really helpful!

  15. amazinnnggg editing!!! great video!!

  16. Love everything about this video!! And great style! 🙂

  17. Girl, Imma need a spotify/souncloud playlist for you of all the songs you've used in your vlogs/styling videos because your music taste is too dope!! @fashionista804

  18. Jeishmarie Beauty

    I'm just so blown away on how you've grown and how far you've gone I'm so proud of you and this video is amazing your editing is better and better every single time! I'm just so happy you make me Happy!! keep up the awesome work hunny!!!

  19. I'm a late viewer for the first time. I don't have anything against Leo your dog, but he was distracting me from watching your lookbook. I still liked the video and love your editing skills, and the music you chose.

  20. Casandra Rizzi

    hi! im super curious what you edit with/ how you get that line/tv effect as in 0:38!

    Thank you! Superrrrrr inspire by this, its beautiful 🙂

  21. such a dope video omg

  22. OMG I loved look 4! Wish I could get those jeans and that jacket :c

  23. Brigitte Torres

    Sofia what's your soundcloud?? I'm literally obsessed with the music in your videos. Lots of xoxo

  24. What size is that wtaps jacket?

  25. This was amaaaaaazing! Great job Sophia!!!!

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