Splurge or Save: Fashion Sneakers $600 Gucci VS Under $100 || Men’s Fashion 2017 || Gent’s Lounge

Splurge or Save: Fashion Sneakers $600 Gucci VS Under $100 || Men’s Fashion 2017 || Gent’s Lounge

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  1. Excuse me but screw combat gent

  2. looking curious george's dad-the man with the yellow hat lol

  3. George looks like Georgie from IT albeit with an extra arm

  4. Definitely 90 over 600.

  5. Normally don't comment but you guys are too pretentious. Hence the reason why your subscriber number us so low.

  6. 100 vs 1000 dollar watch.

  7. Those Gucci sneakers are ugly af. Loud and obnoxious

  8. I bought common projects for 260 and i was very hesitant, then i tried them on and wore them for a month and my god I cant stop wearing them, i got ultra boost, nike flyknit mercurials and I always still go to the CPs. If you can get CPs for 260-350 I believe they are worth it. They are also very comfortable which was very surprising

  9. Agree with George

  10. common projects are alot cleaner silhouette wise. and are still comfortable

  11. 1) george, you are screwing your style with that raincoat-like jacket. looks hideous.
    2) i would definitely go for the CB sneakers. not cos of the cost, but for the aesthetics. that big logo on the white pair just doesn't do it for me. i might not even take a second look at those shoes. if you wanna stand out, just get a red pair or something that pops rather than having a big logo etc. That's just my take on it, but to each his own.
    3) i would rather get 4-5 different sneakers for $600 than to spend so much on just one pair. in that way, i can have sth for different occasions, and would be more versatile too.

  12. if i could afford the gucci shoes, i would buy them lol

  13. Spend the money on a classic dress shoe…..2 years from now the Gucci sneakers will be sitting in your closet….a fool and his money….

  14. u guys should check out suitsupply leather sneaks or greats because both are made in italy at a decent price. i would rather spend $600 on dress shoes or the alden indy boots.

  15. Brett Charles Petersen

    Assholes. Sorry guys, but ya’ll are so shit. Zero substance.

  16. Blake is boujee he is always about name brands, George looks a deep sea fishman

  17. Loved the video. I think $600 for a nice pair of Crocket and jones loafers or Church's brogues are worth it because after 6 years of wear, once you get them professionally polished, and change the sole, they look brand new again. Compared to cheap dress shoes they last longer and look better, so cost per wear is worth it. With high end sneakers, you are clearly paying a large portion for the name, and for the logo, or else they would make them plain white if you weren't. I believe high end sneakers are worth it only if you're willing to accept you're paying a lot for the logo, and not all $600 is for quality, and long lasting ability. But they're cool as an extra after you have basics IMO.

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