Steph Curry CALLED OUT By 9 Year Old Asking Why Under Armour Doesn’t Make Shoes For Little Girls!

Steph Curry CALLED OUT By 9 Year Old Asking Why Under Armour Doesn’t Make Shoes For Little Girls!

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  1. This girl is annoying not the little girl

  2. Blackstar Yawdy

    All I can say is, everyone who born march. Always have a good and a kind heart towards people, especially when it comes to kids. GREAT RESPOND TO THE KID STEPHEN CURRY

  3. Opps 1:43

  4. 1:44 yah I heard that not happening

  5. Treyhuss Hussey

    Get a boys size

  6. Gustavo Ramírez

    Just go 1.5 size down to your female sizes

  7. Feminazism is only getting worse

  8. Did it

  9. Why doesnt victoria secret make men sizes? Dafuq!!

  10. She's got some nice hand writing

  11. 10,000 Subscribers with no videos l

    Why does she need the shoes so she can make it into the ass WNBA?

  12. 10,000 Subscribers with no videos l

    Convert her shoe size? are the parents stupid

  13. Why tf is she screaming

  14. savvysoccer kid

    Steph doesn't OWN under armor. He doesn't control that

  15. Only guys can rocks Curries

  16. Why shout though? I dont get it

  17. Xxxtentacion superfan

    Omg she scream to much

  18. Because no girl has and endorsement on shoes

  19. I have curry 5’s custom I am a girl

  20. can’t she just get some boy ones i mean i’ve seen a lot of girls wearing curry’s before

  21. CLICKBAITING he did not call her out

  22. Just buy boy shoe nobody really cares alot of girls wear boy shoes

  23. Fake. The parents wrote this and told their kid to copy it with their sloppy handwritting. Old trick in the book.

  24. Does it matter I know a lot of girls who wear boy Sizes

  25. How can anyone literally hate curry? Seriously he’s so nice always loyal and reply’s to fans that are in need of help❤️

  26. I'm gonna send a letter now

  27. Honestly I hope Curry is a real feminist do I have an excuse to hate the Warriors even more

  28. Wow a girl can’t wear a man shoe wtf

  29. Ugh feminist

  30. GBC Timandmaxx Bastillada


  31. “Called out”

  32. She drunk

  33. Already a feminist

  34. Why are you screaming the whole time? I’m finished already

  35. Hahaha nice joke that girl didnt write that. That was her feminist mother lmao.

  36. Tyren Everything

    She couldn’t fit a boy size?

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