Steph Curry surprises 9-year-old who asked why his shoes weren't sold to girls

Steph Curry surprises 9-year-old who asked why his shoes weren't sold to girls

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  1. When a shoe made by a little girl makes a better shoe than ASAP rocky

  2. Is this a collab?

  3. Shoes in the girls section… triggered

  4. Steph Curry, you sir just got a new fan.

  5. I hope she's being compensated for her design.

  6. As much as I hate the Warriors, I like Steph as a person outside the NBA

  7. Dope
    what a lil pumkin
    bring Her in thé kid section,manage her, and put Her in Curry management

  8. The world is changing for the better?… wow.. how blind people with privilege and money can be.

  9. Too bad though! Those Shoes are trash !
    Compared to KD's, PG's and Lebron's shoes, Curry's are really bad. I personally have tried all 4.
    KDs Perform the best ! Good traction, good grip, good support. Overall loved KDs.

  10. The interviewer look thicccc mm

  11. to be honest boy shoes can be worn by girls

  12. Curry is a good kid

  13. because of this she feels like the word is changing???? uuuurrrgggghhh too much emotion and not enough reality. the world is already equal.

  14. Hope she gets a royalty for each shoe sold

  15. Great 1 Steph ! You rock man !

  16. Poor innocent little girl used for brand marketing.

  17. Lawrence Trammell

    It's cool, but Im MORE concerned with the confidence of BLACK girls. Sorry!

  18. All the girls have to do is get a smaller size, if my daughter wants a pair of curry shoes she can have a pair she don't have to make a big deal over something that all you have to do is get a smaller pair then the boys. Thats what a lot of girls do, but we are in a day in age that if curry don't do anything with this he would be called all kinds of things.

  19. Shagufta Bhimani

    I am So amazed at how some people manage to find the negative in the most pure forms of good too! You guys have the worst hearts

  20. Tristian Shelley

    And people ask why Steph is more popular than Lebum. I laugh

  21. Great move… there are a lot of girls in basketball..

  22. Luv those rosey cheeks. God bless her & her family.

  23. Proud to be an NBA Fan!

  24. To the world you maybe just one person but to one person you maybe the world!

    Happy International Woman's day to all mothers of the earth=)

  25. Christina Alexander

    I always hated the Warriors but I love what Steph did. He’s a good guy

  26. The curry 3 are the best one's

  27. It's so cool

  28. Why those shoes look too big for that girl?

  29. She did that you go girl!!!

  30. Extraordinary

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