Steph Curry Writes to Girl Who Asked Why His Sneakers Were Just for Boys

Steph Curry Writes to Girl Who Asked Why His Sneakers Were Just for Boys

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  1. How is it unfair, if she already there than just buy them; and just because use its "a boy's sneaker" doesn't mean she can't wear it.

  2. Sagaalofa Peleti

    "Wow" So important "not"

  3. Michael Echeverria


  4. There's a Fly on your screen

    Why do you girls always want something your way?

  5. … just convert your size

  6. Well that’s because their sexist

  7. sis can't even play basketball

  8. Welp, future Buzzfeed feminest.

  9. "She's getting ready for league play"


  10. Dose she Eving play basketball

  11. All she had to do was get her size from the boy section like it’s never that serious

  12. What you couldn’t find the correct size?

  13. temepara reihana

    Guys, to all those haters hating on her actions-LISTEN UP! I did think that too(why can't she buy them) but I think it was a little more than that. Possibly she knew that she was going to get bullied for wearing them and 2, Steph Curry agrees so we can all back off. She was also standing up for her rights and other girls who get bullied for buying them. So SHH

  14. i cant stop laughing, this shows you how sad humanity is

  15. So she basically just wanted free stuff. Huh typical freeloading feminists

  16. Just buy the boys shoes there’s no difference

  17. Life ain’t fair girl.
    I have a lot of boy shoes just wear your size.

  18. Jacqueline Archambault

    So cute! Girl power!


    Lies your mom or dad made you do it

  20. pp Not the 2K goat

    Why is no one confronting Kinder eggs they have boy and girl Kinder eggs I must confront them

  21. i love how they pretend to know how to play bball

  22. Just buy the damn shoe like how hard is that. Just wear for boys it ain’t gonna kill you

  23. good for her

  24. Five Animations Why do I even post.

    Omg!! Sooooo unfair

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