StockX CEO Josh Luber Shows Off His Insane Personal Sneaker Collection

StockX CEO Josh Luber Shows Off His Insane Personal Sneaker Collection


  1. What did he pay for the skunks tho lol

  2. Stockx sells fakes

  3. Sacred Geometry

    Didn't even show off his collection just a few lame pairs….

  4. Makes me feel poor

  5. This is what we call an addiction.

  6. He look like ricardo tisci

  7. You ruined resell

  8. 4:13 does he have some universal mags?

  9. Rasmus Erlandsson

    such boring collection

  10. I don’t think he realizes that ‘prolific’ and ‘prevalent’ aren’t the same word, or aren’t synonyms.

  11. clown

  12. Those adidas were hot dumpster garbage.

  13. most r fake

  14. This is how you Swap with Fakes ☺
    More Dislike

  15. He be stealing shoes from sellers

  16. Jaythagreat !

    White boys gentrification at its finest

  17. Leo Van Munching

    I like how the stuff he loves the most isn’t the most hype stuff. All very niche and personally meaningful

  18. Cederius Mency

    All these shoes and we get 5 min

  19. Anthony Nieves

    Majority of this collection is fake. Stock x sales fake kicks. Don’t get fooled

  20. Insane sneaker collection that he finessed

  21. What if he takes the real shoes and send the fake to the buyer or back to the owner saying there was something wrong with the shoe.

  22. Tacobell _employee

    He got married on my first b-day !!

  23. Kennard Welch

    He looks like he could be Jimmy Kimmel little brother

  24. He seemed so adversarial about saying those wedding shoes were a Grail. Dude, if you don't appreciate them maybe the problem is you and not the shoes

  25. Vladimir Meloun

    What air max 90 have you got?

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