Stupid girl crush toy car in sneakers :D

Stupid girl crush toy car in sneakers :D

- in Women Sneakers


  1. if the boy sees the toy he will cry

  2. i love cars he is wasting her money

  3. I would let her do that to me any day

  4. I would like to see his feet under the wheels of my real bmw

  5. А девушки могут побить посуду? Тарелки и винные бокалы? И возможно снимать их в полный рост?

  6. I'd like to see her on the roof of my real BMW

  7. Girl is not stupid…She is having fun with a stupid car some stupid boy left on the sidewalk

  8. Can u watch my newest video?

  9. Nice Sneakers

  10. Could you crush more toys cars wearing sandals Next video?

  11. Flavio Vieira Caires

    Films crushing barefoot please

  12. These shoes are wonderful. Well used! 🙂 Please keep on going to make videos! 🙂


  14. what has that car ever done to you

  15. Nice video can I sniff your nikes with them on you like you be asleep

  16. Video is beautiful

  17. Stomp on the camera so we can see a bug's POV. Or stomp on some bugs! Yeah!

  18. i love russian girls:D

  19. she's not stupid !

  20. very good girl 🙂 more toy car crush 🙂

  21. spit on a beachball

  22. she's not stupid cause she does the right thing with that car 🙂

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