stupid white girl with pink sneakers

stupid white girl with pink sneakers

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  1. Vinny Russomanno


  2. Are those size 12s?

  3. beautiful girl)

  4. sophia rodriguez


  5. thanks 🙂

  6. I know you are but what am I?

  7. Eliezer Gutierrez


  8. those pink converse make me think of sean micheals

  9. spectator

  10. damn get off her nut sack fuck being cool video says stupid white girl not cool girl dumb bitch your just mad cuz yo don't have your hit number 65959 and you are nothing but a spectator …… check out my video while you are at it what are you going to post thats not even cool bones are nasty… DUMB BITCH… get on YouTube when you have a video to share……. if you where on a team you would be on the BENCH………

  11. ok…i dont like the video, is that so wrong??? i know other people like it but i dont…ok??? so stop being such a jerk…i think ur trying to hard to be cool

  12. "you* don't even know me…what's the point of being a jerk to me"

    Go to school you make no sense. <3

  13. and by the way…this video isnt funny..ur a jerk..and ur not cool

  14. u dont even know me…whats the point of being a jerk to me

  15. you're one of those people who have nothing better to do then hate on people cooler* than you on the internet, learn how to spell.

    Get the picture? :*

  16. ur one of those girls that think theyre so cook but they really arent…get the picture???

  17. @AtticusStount last time i checked white was an adjective….read a dictionary much?

  18. LOL its not a XXhi )

  19. @jawoodal hah i try to say thanks to the people who leave nice comments :)….from LA
    I LOVE new york!!

  20. I wasn't expecting a reply, but I was thrilled to hear from you. You are the best. I am from NY. and you?

  21. Nice video. Nice sneakers. How come you wear them with no socks? I like that though. It's nice. You are a pretty person. How have you been? Talk to you later.

  22. @lastcall150 can we please not use discriminatory content on my comments page please?
    Not appropriate.

  23. @lastcall150 woah….

  24. @lastcall150 opinion

  25. @justdeny1 duh!

  26. @jawoodal awwww your too kind <3

  27. She is the most beatutiful girl – I love it and thank you sweatheart for sharing your beauty with us. wish I could have you.

  28. furstenfeldbruck

    she seems so much fun to be around with 🙂

  29. so the shoes r blue right.? o.0

  30. @AtticusStount take a joke man.. It's a joke… Haven't we, in the western world, had enough time to move beyond the stupidity of the racism of the past? And begin to laugh at the stupidity of it??? What on Earth did the great Dave Chappelle teach us?

    Plus this girl is really hot.. Hot beats racist any day, so she could be like Hitler racist and she'd still be contributing….

    Plus those shoes are kinda nice.. I kind of want to try on a pair of converse now and I never have before….

  31. do you always sing when you put on ur sneakers?

  32. Beautifull girl ,great sneakers, funny video thanks for posting .I said it before but what the hell.

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