Taylor Swift – You Belong With Me

Taylor Swift – You Belong With Me

- in Women Sneakers


  1. whos the hot guy you kiss at the end of the video taylor. hes hot

  2. Back here in 2017 for the same confusion again: why the hell havent anyone made a movie out of this yet???? it would be a hit

  3. "you cant possibly be that surprised all the time"

  4. Seeing this after 'Look What You Made Me Do' and 'Ready For It?' WTf, I like this Taylor… and love the new Taylor. I don't know how to feel right now.

  5. I used to think that the brunette girl was a different girl, and not Taylor…

  6. Forever wishing for a happy ending like this ;(

  7. Nông Đức Huế


  8. This Taylor is oh! dead… So don't fucking call her on the phone 'cause she can't answer.

  9. " She wears short skirts I wear T- shirts" hahahahaha lol

  10. 4/9/2017 :))))

  11. Gisella Aranda Chávez

    Muy bien me encanto

  12. Gabriela Sanchez Paniagua

    Como olvidar cuando Taylor Swift le quito el novio a Taylor Swift xd

  13. It's new Taylor vs old Taylor

  14. Tengo la misma edad de Taylor la amo

  15. So carry

  16. Why I don't have a room with a window facing a window of a handsome boy? WHY

  17. Literally all of the comments are about coming back here after LWYMMD, this is makes me so happy. :') I like both Taylor Swifts, the new and the old.

  18. Fav….

  19. Remember the good days

  20. His girl is so snotty and ugly sorry if I offend anyone

  21. Still a good song 8 years later

  22. I love old Taylor but I' love waaaay more the new bad ass one

  23. I Love

  24. Boże jakie stare

  25. Isn't that the boy from Hannah Montana the movie ??

  26. Arushi Aishwarya

    I still love this song ❤


  28. She's is dead

  29. This is so cute! I guess cuz I'm only in high school… Wait, why am I here after ''Ready for it''?


  31. i miss the old taylor…

  32. Stop the drama Taylor 🙁

  33. Can we have this Taylor back

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