Tekkerz Kid goes Sneaker Shopping | Nike Jordan Sneaker Collection

Tekkerz Kid goes Sneaker Shopping | Nike Jordan Sneaker Collection


  1. Hey guys, I hope you enjoyed the video! Got some exciting news for you this week, I'll keep you posted! Who's sneakers were the best??

  2. I think rommelos

  3. The beige shoes are so bad that I am unsubscribing because of your taste

  4. Hyperplasmablast

    What was that song they had on when they were driving

  5. Christine Burton

    I think lorenzos

  6. Hayden del Castillo

    Who else just got some Lebron 16s

  7. I have all that jordans bro

  8. Nice bape hoddie

  9. Dad

  10. I love your hoodie

  11. I think lerenzo's is the best

  12. Tekkerz. Kid then remelo then the dad

  13. Tekninpe Omega125

    I have 10 Jordan most of them is Jordan retros 13

  14. 7:08 ugly ass boi

  15. 6:33 ugly ass boi

  16. Who’s watching and lives in america

  17. they dont even know the number of jordan they are

  18. There not yeezy

  19. “it will take 50 minutes to get to town, see you there”. i don’t think it’s a town

  20. the dads

  21. 1:26 there the tubular dooms

  22. Where are you

  23. Christina Ronnlund

    I did not understand anything he said

  24. Avinash Parimeru

    can't hear what he saying he just mumbling

  25. LeBron 15’s

  26. Narenzal boots r better the video when they get new sneakers

  27. I like romellos boots next

  28. I like tekkerz kid boots

  29. U always bring the best boots

  30. charles bukowski


  31. The dad

  32. Umm where the twins shoes at

  33. Christine Bedetti

    Ne reason

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