The 10 Most Expensive Sneakers Ever Made Reaction

The 10 Most Expensive Sneakers Ever Made Reaction


  1. Francheska Alvarez

    I have the ones that cost 6,000

  2. Not change cj

  3. Little did change now he will own air mags for couple of dollars cause he won't them in a key master

  4. I’m looking at old vids and he already got the air mags

  5. Did he know that in two years he will be able to buy all of them

  6. my lebron12s are $260

  7. little did he know he was going to win air mags for 20 dollars

  8. S&A Gaming and Reacting

    Nice voice

  9. cj so lucky
    Nike mags 2016

  10. now u have the air mags

  11. This guy is fucking cringed and annoying

  12. And foamposites don't cost 1500 they cost like 200

  13. It says the Eminem 2s but it's a picture of the 7s

  14. Ballerboyy Tayshaun

    The shoes even uglyer because of the prices

  15. little did he know he would get the mags months later

  16. fetty wap did he made song about jimmy choose

  17. swagjaydenjack jack

    I would definitely buy number 7 at 1 : 42

  18. little does cj know he will win the air mags.

  19. little did he know 2016 he gets the nike air mag for free

  20. little did he know he got the air mags for free

  21. where's the Eminem Jordan's bruh

  22. Those Vocals though 😉 , I love all of them so much and i love Cj's voice 😉

  23. 3:53 little did he know he would have those later in life

  24. 1 year later you pay 20 dollars and win Nike air mags

  25. Where are charharrt 4

  26. Number 8 kid at my school has

  27. Brittany Scoggins


  28. Back in the days when a 1000$ pair of shoes were expensive…

  29. This list is clearly not right

  30. well u got the air mags for $20

  31. 3:21 got me laughing

  32. I love you
    and your family cj so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  34. this dude legit won these later

  35. Hick to the naw naw naw

  36. the foams were the only good ones

  37. no they were not good shoes

  38. William gamer 989 Gonzalez

    I got the reae all

  39. I have the Nike air bag

  40. i got thoose phompasets

  41. jeroen oudenaarden

    the nike air (back yo the future) if they are not electric then they are worth 5K-6K if they are electric then they are worth 10K-15K

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