The 5 BEST White Sneakers For Men

The 5 BEST White Sneakers For Men

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  1. My picks would be

    1. Triple white Ultra-boost
    2. Yeezy 350 cream
    3. Air Force 1
    4. Jordan 1
    5. Rebook classic

  2. Yo I'm selling a size 12 adidas Stan Smith brand new. Message me if your interested!

  3. GreenDog1233341

    The only shoes on this list that are really worth it are the Nike air force and Vans old skool

  4. You forgot the Triplle white Ultra Boost

  5. Can you make a new travel video! What to pack for a suitcase and Toiletry bag

  6. Shoes collection please

  7. Converse All Star?

  8. Robert mazrimas

    Jose nice jacket where did you get it?

  9. U hurt me every time u got on your tippie toes with the air forces

  10. Potating Potato

    literally his video composition is
    1)something he probably said in his videos before
    2) Sponsor/ Promotion that made him make this entire video in the first place
    3) Other BS

  11. C'mon dude you would NOT take Dukes over Common Projects, Greats or Axels.

  12. Nice but I've seen better ones myself

  13. peter-paul kutschlojenga

    Do a black sneaker version

  14. Stop screaming

  15. Jose is the type of Zuniga to give Kanye West top 5 alternatives to yeezy's

  16. What about chuck taylors?

  17. Yo José, what do you think of the wallabee boots(I think that’s what they call that type of desert boot)?? If you think they’re cool,how would you style them?

    I know we’re out of season for those(especially for me who lives in Puerto Rico),but I recently saw them at new republic’s website and clarks and wanna know what you think. Thank you!

  18. I cringed so hard at the thumbnail

  19. Stan smith ?? Lmao i will never buy or wear one of those

  20. What about the dophin white converse el distrito ?

  21. It’s funny how a lot people started wearing white Air Force 1s yet there are people that had them since 07. I bet there are so many people that bought Air Force 1s this year just cuz they seen their friends with em

  22. The timing of this is unreal. I’ve been looking for a pair of white sneakers

  23. Jose the type of Zuniga to go to the barber, and tell him six haircuts trending in 2019

  24. Alexandre McQueen

  25. Yo jose do a video showing us men to style our selfs for the spring/ summer i live in LA its always hot here

  26. Douglas Chadmon

    Can you do a prom suit vid ?

  27. White shoes are all fun and games until size 12,5 (47 eu) kicks in

  28. Are the AF1s dead or still worth buying? Someone let me know

  29. What about ndm?

  30. Did you do this bc of based zeus

  31. Funny you uploaded this bc i just bought an all white pair of vans and an all white pair of Nike Air Max 270s. I get tons of compliments on both!

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