The 5 MOST Versatile Shoes EVERY Man Should Own!

The 5 MOST Versatile Shoes EVERY Man Should Own!

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  1. What shoes are those at 4:49?

  2. what is that shoe in the thumbnail ?

  3. love tod's moccasins

  4. Get some standard white NMD_R2 with gum soles.

  5. Hey Jose (or anyone who wants to answer), Just wanted to ask what are the things to consider when buying white sneakers? between the Vans Old Skools (true white) and Vans Authentics ( true white) which one is more versatile? or do designs even matter as long as it's white sneakers?

  6. Please someone know what is the reference of the Puma in 3,21 minutes ?

  7. He seriously said flyknit races are stable, okay

  8. Jose where you got that leather black shoes?

  9. 236 haters

  10. What kind of trousers do you wear at 0:44? Is that a chino?

  11. Those are the flyknit TRAINERS.

  12. Hey Jose, can a short guy pull off a chukka boots?

  13. Jose the type of zuniga to have a pair of flyknit trainers and call them flyknit racers

  14. Whats the name/brand of the black leather shoes on minute 3:22

  15. Men only need two shoes, Nike Monarch IV and Camo Crocs…nuff said

  16. I gotta say it. YOU'RE DOING GODS WORK. THANK YOU

  17. 4:19 what shoe is this

  18. anyone know what the shoes at 4:51 are called?

  19. Bro I love your videos! I've been looking for a video like this all week. Thanks for doing what you do.

  20. But they are Nike Trainers not Racers

  21. Yo guys, what's the name of the last adidas pair?

  22. I don't trust his sponsors any more I bought a watch he was pushing the straps were suppose to be real leather they weren't they were pleather they started to peel within 3 wears and the metal on the watch started to tarnish too

  23. I feel like I've seen this video from this same guy about 1,000 times already

  24. FeelThatVibe Edits

    What are the shoes at 4:35

  25. Do you wear socks?

  26. Bruhhhh, José nowadays is like: ”Don’t wear Ultra Boost and NMD, they are a dead trend” But he’s still rocking them damn Flyknit Racers. THEY ARE EVEN MORE DEAD.

  27. What shoe was the completely white shoe you had on in the end?

  28. Any comments on Ecco soft 8 shoes

  29. jose . what loafer you have ( i like that color )? Thank you for you videos

  30. What are those adidas sneakers called

  31. You have the Flyknit trainers. Not the racers.

  32. Where are the vans?

  33. Vans Old Skool (black)

  34. what are those blue shoes at the end of the video?

  35. Brandyn Heiskell

    Dope channel keep it up!

  36. I want them bad super bad

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