The best Jordan retro collection 1-14

The best Jordan retro collection 1-14


  1. Dude holding the camera sound ignorant as fuck

  2. Long nguyễn văn

    in my point view, that is the best collection

  3. Why these niggas keep talking over each other

  4. There's not even a lot of heat in there. Bunch of GR

  5. best jordans: Original mid 1's, original 2's, white cement 3's, retro 4's white cement and pure money and bred's, retro 5's white cement and oreos, and etc.

  6. Fam turn the music down some on ur next vid. I want to hear what ur sayin' a lot of heat in ur collections and u wear them fire!

  7. the sunrise 12s were controversial because of that sunrise soles. Not hating at all but those look a little suspect.

  8. Irish Dad and Irish Son

    Thats an impressive collection

  9. Collection is too fuego

  10. Disciple The Poet


  11. Wow! Impressive!

  12. Dope collection….and i got even more respect for this guy because he actually wears his shoes!!

  13. nice collection

  14. jays for days

  15. half of these fake

  16. them Charlotte 13s fake n yo know it you can only buy from china

  17. selling any???

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