The Best Men’s Shoe Collection You’ll Ever See – With Prices | BeerBiceps Indian Shoe Shopping Guide

The Best Men’s Shoe Collection You’ll Ever See – With Prices | BeerBiceps Indian Shoe Shopping Guide

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  1. Abe ghonchu videsh me beth kar India walo Ko gali deta hai aur Hamre channel Ko report karta hai.

  2. Brother are UCB sneakers good enough regarding comfort and durability?

  3. What brand is that grey t from?

  4. Kya yaar english me hi bolte rehte ho

  5. What about redtape and redchief shoes?????

  6. you are just trying to save your affiliate cookie….if no then please list orignal link of Skechers BLACK Athleisure & Skechers WHITE Sneakers (if available anywhere in interenet)

  7. Insha Adeeb Ahmed

    Please make a video on belts

  8. umm which watch

  9. Nice Bhai ji

  10. Make video on how to keep clean our shoes

  11. Say about watches

  12. This is a pretty shit collection

  13. Sneakers collection is wack bro .. I don't know about the formals though

  14. make a video on tie color matching

  15. Bro please make a video on how to clean white canvas sneakers I buyed vans white sneakers 3 weeks ago I have weared them just 5 times they have got very dirty Subha se dhul rha hoon baking soda, detergent sab try kar Liya Abhi bhi kafi dirty hain

  16. @BEERBICEPS – ROADSTER sneakers ka link nahi h bro.. (HIGH TOP AND MID TOP SHOE). i searched every link.. those pair i really loved them.. would be thankful if you can reply or check again..

  17. Arun Bhoopasamudra

    OMG!!! You rival late selvi jayalalitha in the footwear collection!!!

  18. Talking about men shoe collection with no boots? Seriously?

  19. Fuck indiam people. You guys suck

  20. In this fucking busy world a formal "BLACK SHOE" and a casual "WHITE SHOE " is more than Enough # SAVE MONEY AND TIME

  21. He has a lot of cheap shoes….instead by few expensive shoes

  22. Bhai giveaway kr do

  23. Finally glad to see that you've started wearing slim fit suits and pants .. They make you look stylish to say the least unlike previous videos where you gave fashion advices wearing baggy pants and shirts
    (no offense tho, just facts)

    Oh and yeah ,great collection tho would've loved to see more sneakers

  24. Man, no square toe shoes.

  25. Measure of ur foot ranveer

  26. make a video on wardrobe collection

  27. For best shoes click here

  28. Guess who's the next best Indian YouTuber breathing

  29. Steve Madden's are the only ones that look kinda okay from te whole set of collection, I wouldn't wear even one of them to save my life

  30. Yup awesome collection bro
    T-shirt or shirt ka collection ki video banaooo

  31. Tumhari us main bhi dukan hai kay…

  32. Teri shoes ki dukan add mat kar idakr kay ….Chal bag bsdk

  33. Tera baap ka shoes ka dukan hai na bc

  34. Teri gand mai guss la le bsdk…..

  35. girija prasad das

    I need that black atleliosur from sketcher can any one send me d correct link from which site I can buy this….
    Above given link is not showing that shoe
    Plz ranveer bro send me d correct link

  36. Hey brother,
    Could you make a video on getting your first tattoo?

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