THE BEST Rare Sneaker Collection Of 2016 REACTION!

THE BEST Rare Sneaker Collection Of 2016 REACTION!



    3:34 guy go finnesed look at the Jordan sign

  2. I have white cement 4

  3. Kobe would destroy curry anyday in a 1on1

  4. I have the harbor 3s

  5. i hate you so much

  6. Y do u like curry

  7. For all you motherfuckers ranting about the curry over Kobe thing just shut the fuck up he like what he like bitch as niggas

  8. You the most banwagon person I've ever seen tbh ….. don't hate of Kobe like that also

  9. I got the bulls over broadway

  10. Nothing but general releases weak ass collection

  11. I got unc 5s, bet nobody in the comments have it besides me

  12. ™I have all of those shoes I got shoe game for days™

  13. I fw those cement 4's and the custom roshe runs

  14. I got 1's, '94 powder blues, white and black 10's, and spikes

  15. i got the OG cement 4s

  16. fuck curry

  17. I got the 4s

  18. Flights a hypee beast

  19. I have the blue pearl 9's ❤☺


    got the 5,7

  21. Ima send flight some fubu 4s and he won't notice

  22. I got the Jordan 10 bulls over Broadway and the Christmas kyrie 2

  23. Get the gamma blues flight!

  24. nathanielvanc.e


  25. i got the new jordan23

  26. I can't afford Jordan's

  27. This nigga flight is a Hypebeast

  28. Mackenzie Betton

    when you have no jordans you be like 🙁

  29. Super Mario 313

    flight I have olimpic 5s

  30. Curry over Kobe smh…

  31. Bra you can tell that flight was high

  32. i git all of them and more.

  33. I got the j1 breds, j11 72-10 and the kyrie 2

  34. 5:535:57 Ik my mattress is purple

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