THE BEST Shoe EVERY Man Should Own | MUST Have Shoes For Men | Mens Shoes: Loafers

THE BEST Shoe EVERY Man Should Own | MUST Have Shoes For Men | Mens Shoes: Loafers

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  1. I was thinking about buying some the other day. guess I should give it a shot

  2. Do one about hypebeast style

  3. penny loafers and jeans .does it match or not?

  4. christopher olexovitch

    Could you put together dapper casual streetwear looks, styles and brands

  5. any fashionable gay bars in the bay area?

  6. Loafers gay AF

  7. Please show your loafers collection especially Allen Edmond thinking about buying one

  8. Show us loafer collection especially allen edmond thinking about buying one

  9. Only a gay guy would wear these shoes, might as well just wear a pink t shirt with "gay pride" written on it

  10. I didn't used to like loafers for some reason, but these days I really dig them. Super versatile shoe! Gotta get me a couple nice pairs…

  11. I want to buy a pair of loafers but don't know witch one to buy.

  12. Do a kemal soydere hairstyle

  13. Yeah loafers are best shoes and are kinda my style

  14. I like em very much actually … Its the new innovation of fashion in my opinion but tge inly problem is there pricy ,like in my country in Israel the taxes are high so everything we have isdouble the price not like america

  15. JACK&HYDE Belgium

    Nice video! You can create your own loafers on our website 😉

  16. Panagiotis Skartsilas

    Can you do a video on mother of pearl buttons and horn buttons. They really refine up a outfit. No one has a video on button options and material.

  17. You should do a closet tour

  18. i love loafers too. i agree with you totally about the sleek dapper look. they give you a upper class look and i just like how you can pair them with any pant and outfit as you mentioned

  19. Who are the Japanese stylists you showed?

  20. Can u talk more about wearing loafers in casual style? I've seen many examples either in Mr. Porter or in Pinterest are matching with rather formal ones.

  21. theother brownguy

    Yo dude ur looks r rlly dope n datz d only reason i hav subscribed ur channel

  22. You worrie about lacing?

  23. If I dip my loafers in a mixture of eggs an milk, will they become French loafers?

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