The Biggest Boost Collection in the WORLD!!? (Ultraboost/NMD/Yeezy)

The Biggest Boost Collection in the WORLD!!? (Ultraboost/NMD/Yeezy)


  1. Lovable Fat Kid

    Yo YouTube, why tf did you unsub me from my man Teddy? I'm comin for you now YouTube, we beefin now. Don't worry, I resubbed of course

  2. Aayush Mahableshwarkar

    What do you think of the new human race nmds? I'm hype for the core black colorway

  3. Dad said I could watch one more video

  4. Damm this a movie

  5. LOL… you seem depressed going through all those shoes! You starting to feel like you got way more shoes than you need?

  6. How does he get so many hard to get shoes

  7. How does he get these shoes that "don't release"

  8. Video is too long. Someone tell me how much this mans spent on shoes?

  9. Here's a question get rid of ur sneaker collection or get rid of ur dog

  10. i loveeeeeeeeeee the Royal 1.0's DAMN.

  11. You got a switch bro? @ 1:00

  12. anyone notice if he showed the Ultraboost 3.0 Burgundy??

  13. where can i get that hat?

  14. Eon Flux. That shit brought me back. Didn't it come on after Sifle and Ollie? Lol.

  15. Jeff McAllister

    I love all the shoes but the photoshoot was the best part!

  16. Rodney Becker

    Abby…You fine as fuck!

  17. Sina Ismailzadeh

    I actually watched 37minutes without skipping one sec, Entertaning video bro

  18. Rohan Hoffman

    Its awesome watching this video if you've been watching since the beginning of the vlog you remember all the stories behind the shoes Teddy has bought

  19. 2.0 white ..and core black are still the best fitting boosts i own! Go 2.000000

  20. Whatbis the most comfortable shoes u have

  21. Diego Castellanos

    I have a DS pair of 1.0 Triple White UBs and I'm pretty sure the glue just spreads through the knit and discolors it. Sucks! :/

  22. Jesus Hernandez

    No one is going to talk about Abby at the end?

  23. Teddy, Size 13 right here! If youre looking to let go any of your DS shoes, im your man!!


  25. Skully Cypher

    Dont restock think about the hype ur channel will create

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