The Biggest Foamposite Collection Ever

The Biggest Foamposite Collection Ever


  1. he shout out to his own business

  2. What about the crimsons

  3. Malcolm Johnson

    what you want for the Dr.Dooms

  4. Irma get me when these mf got thousands of dollars of kicks,and live in a apt.or their mom's basement or the hood!

  5. who got the spidermas

  6. Some are fake they don't have the Nike sign on the back

  7. ima sucka for a sexy insole wtf

  8. No chromes or holograms

  9. those are cough drops and the soles are painted lol



  11. Nice comeback lmao hater lol

  12. frederick tolliver

    good collection

  13. dope a$$ collection thoo

  14. u should gimme one of your foams broo

  15. he is so annoying

  16. My shoe collection got: kd 7 away, lebron 8 think pink, super fly 3, lebron 12 court vision, asteroid foams, knicks foams.

  17. White outs???

  18. When u have the 1997 original blue foams then make a video lol

  19. Shut the hell up u aint the only dude with foamposites u an ur whack ass boy lol u have nothing everyone that collects them have all them pairs an the dark army's didnt only come out in only 82 pairs it was 82 pairs of each size u dont even kno the names i half ur shoes lol

  20. YA SO WHACK I KNO PPL WITH better collections then yours lol

  21. Nice collection but he don't have them pro voltage tho ha ha

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