The Biggest Footlocker In The World!! Hollywood Sneaker Shopping!!

The Biggest Footlocker In The World!! Hollywood Sneaker Shopping!!


  1. It's a Dammnn shame how it took Dee that long to find Mike with those big ass eyes.

  2. HaloWarsFireteam

    Dee you dont give a fuck RESPECT

  3. That man singing is a true representation of LeBron James fans trash

  4. my nigga i said hit me when you slide back to LA smh lol

  5. Wait when did you get out

  6. 13:10 AIR MAX 1s?

  7. Bro hit up Private Sneaker Shop it’s one in Long Beach and San Pedro.


  9. James fan king james ! Never liked them damn lakers

  10. Revinjan Francisco

    I wonder what people's face look like when they hear dee in public talking about Ass Rippers hahaha

  11. beast mode muscle

    Where the bitches at

  12. Why did you upload this video so late?

  13. @5:08 "Wait when did you get out?". BATMAN RACIST ASF

  14. I MISS MJ!

  15. Those hand and foot prints are from MJ's kids. They did that back in 2012.

  16. 13:13 “air max 1 on deck”

  17. Damn Dee, you could have gotten your wotherspoons signed by the man himself. ITS JUST FREE ITS JUST FREE

  18. We're not hypebeast in L.A. we let shit sit

  19. You all need to keep the subs up. Shegotkicks beat you all come on player … 34 street bigger… In NYC…

  20. Mexico village lol

  21. I bet you don’t have all the shoes that we are “disrespecting”

  22. Damm Dee you was in my hood an didn’t let your boy know……this is free!!!!!!

  23. Kobe the KING!!!!!!

  24. The PANN in Inglewood got the fire chicken and waffles .

  25. Bro one more unbreakable UAs video please lmao. That nigga selling a fake as we speak!

  26. Old content

  27. How tf u a laker fan and a GS fan. Man sit yo ass down

  28. we goin str8 raw dog

  29. This is free, this is free…. Chinese people looking like China and when did you get out, justice served…….damn this vlog is funny af LOLOLOL

  30. That fuckin steak at the beginning looked good af not gonna lie

  31. R.I.P. Michael Jackson

  32. First thing I’m doing if I go to Cali or Denver is going to a dispensary and going to cop some Maui Maui gold kush

  33. Ayyy Dee streets wanna know did u cop some kush legally in the dispensary !!!!???

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