The Biggest Teenage Sneakerhead!

The Biggest Teenage Sneakerhead!


  1. Favorite shoe is bbc human race or louis or gucci

  2. New title, cringiest most spoilt brat who would flex on a himself in a mirror. Also would kiss his own reflection

  3. great video blake! keep it up

  4. I need one of those shoes

  5. Oscar Enriquez

    Walking W

  6. you are not the biggest or youngest sneaker head you cuck

  7. bro he let the rats get to those "distressed" jordan 4s

  8. I don’t like you but this vid is sick

  9. Xx_MeDiC_MaN_xX

    I just realized how much of a giraffe u look like

  10. MONEYKICKS also HAVE same level in sneaker collection you both are my favurait yo both are so dope as your collection I hope one day I will be what you are.

  11. Yooo. You shipping shoes to Denmark?

  12. I would love the v2s!

  13. Emilio Carrasco

    This dude always be using the same titles, lol what a joke

  14. Did he just get the Home to Homages wrong? At 4:20 he says “bred toe, bred” isn’t home to homages, Chicago and Breds??

  15. You’ve worn 4 of the shoes in that massive room dedicated to them all

  16. Why TF he have so many butters

  17. Hey i liked and subscribe you

  18. TopaZerKean Games and Airsoft

    Combining basics with your designer will make your style 1000x better but you do you

  19. I need more shoes

  20. Respect

  21. You could’ve been a millionaire lol

  22. Jesus Christ how much butters do you HAVE!

  23. Luke Wainscott

    U should have an event in Cincinnati because no ever does it and it would be very fun and cool

  24. The DarkWolf98

    lol the shitty butter go for retail not 350$ lmao

  25. Who ever you think you are to use my phone number to miss around be sure anymore phone call you will regret it

  26. You forgot the air mags

  27. Matthew Mendoza

    its chicago not bred to..homegage to home

  28. You’re insane thinking that GR Yeezy V2 Butters gon resell for $5-600.

  29. RenRen Villareal

    Fan here in the Philippines hope i win a yeezy

  30. The biggest teenage douchebag***

  31. Patrick Sangil

    repeating the titles over and over and over again. Smh

  32. Makeesha Šímqś0ñ

    Well… You diffently changed alot.

  33. Too good youtuber! I want these yeezys for sure!

  34. Your definitely NOT the biggest teenage Sneakerhead!

  35. Joshua Medeiros

    Stop talking about yourself in 3rd person

  36. The content is fire these past few videos. Eskettit Blake!

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