1. Wyatt Overend

    Golden coast

  2. I knew he was a poser……

  3. Authentics. All i gotta say

  4. Ur not a hypebeast only because you have a youtube channel or have a great collection of vans

  5. 2:23 in and he already fucks up by calling authentics eras

  6. YEAH IDK why you call them ERAS when they are mostly authentics SMH fake sneaker head

  7. Howeye Network

    Vans collection is the ultimate click bait

  8. Authentics*

  9. Blankface Jojo

    No golf wang

  10. shoe at 5:53?

  11. The golden coasts r an authentic not an era

  12. Brandon Breaux

    Those check boards are not authentic they are eras

  13. B3 TV i have a question. are u gay?

  14. I am just starting my vans collection. I fell in love with the old skool this year.

    I currently have 2 supreme vans and the red feat of god.

  15. hey, man. first time checking out your channel, I like the flow. I was just wondering if you’ve ever made a video on how you lace your old skools? If not, could you, or refer me to the video you learned how to lace yours? (if you learned from someone) I really love the way you lace them

  16. Nah fam chuck Jae tv got the biggest vans collection

  17. Unique Alston

    Not the biggest vans collection on youtube…still dope

  18. Vans and skateboards, do you skate? Ah you said you didn't. Anyway nice collection. Its interesting to see what people like and collect. Entitlement is for people who don't know they are going to die. Bless and love to all.

  19. If you get skate shoes you skate then and if you get skateboards you skate them

  20. He's basically wearing vans because they are popular not because he likes them, he wears them because he likes that the shoe brand is in ATM in terms of hype/resell and collaborations smh

  21. Noah Graham-Rosser

    At 6:20 can someone find these in the UK anywhere???

  22. Ketua Geng Kapak

    denis juherman have more than yours

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