The Craziest Shoe Collection I’ve Ever Seen, Works for Nike!

The Craziest Shoe Collection I’ve Ever Seen, Works for Nike!


  1. Joshua Saunders

    wait to save the best for last.. bred 11s

  2. Brody Sherwood

    That music is really annoying change your music

  3. Daniel Padilla

    this jazz music in the beggining is always chessing me

  4. Best shoe is the Curry Three's Deal with it.


  6. Amazing at running Amazing at jumping amazing at Basketball amazing at football Amazing at Youtube GOAT

  7. A dude I am a big fan!!! I go to CHS and I sue in your D1 vid that you were somewhere in Clark County. I can't believe I found a local YouTuber! Hopefully I do good in sports like you. I heard about you around here. Also I am a shoe fanatic and love shoes. Maybe I could meet you someday! I also do all the sports you do

  8. dope collection. check out mike rich. boi got some heat

  9. 3s? 1980? Wildin


    Jimmy trying to take that Complex spot too!

  11. Cameren Castro

    the 1 wasn't even banned. it was the air ship.

  12. Thomas Burgess

    Turn the music down

  13. that wall is sick

  14. lebron feet like dat ?!

  15. Executive Business Man

    What was the background music?

  16. What r u are u Chinese black Mexican I need to know

  17. you put up great content on your channel keep up the good work

  18. Another Nike marketing employee full of shit lol

  19. Colden Miller

    Nike Nike treat employee just like slaves

  20. How come he has all these shoes but he doesn't have the new ZOs isn't he a big baller???

  21. Anyone else think from the start of the video that his entire "Crazy" collection was going to be solely black and white colorways?…

  22. this guy has more shoes than I have career assist.

  23. the wall is fire af

  24. coolest video you've ever made

  25. that tan collection was dope

  26. If you collect shoes reevaluate your life. You are a brain dead moron!

  27. Jesus Christ you were at like 20k subs like last week

  28. Jimmy looks like a young TonyD2wild

  29. Chill vibes lol, get this man to 1 mil

  30. The most underrated Youtuber ever! You need 1mil subs fast!

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