The First 5 Dress Shoes Every Man Should Buy & In What Order | Upgrading Your Shoe Collection

The First 5 Dress Shoes Every Man Should Buy & In What Order | Upgrading Your Shoe Collection

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    Video Summary:

    1:49 – #1 Balmoral Oxfords
    3:06 – #2 Bluchers
    3:49 – #3 Slip-ons
    5:17 – #4 Dress boots
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  2. I have a pair of Jordan 31’s that I have used at lest 12 to 15 times

  3. Milwaukee Comedy Hypnotist Nino Cruzillini

    Discontinued Polo Ralf Lauren Crocodile Loafers. (2,500)

  4. Most expensive for me is my pair of Red Wing Beckman boots, weighing in at a whopping $350.00.

  5. Around 140 dollar are mine shoes

  6. $2300 bespoke shoes in nile crocodile leather

  7. allen edmonds $350 using them 2 o 3 times per week.

  8. I recently started looking at mens fashion channels, and even though I love Ashley Weston, and every time I want to look for something essential i turn to her, I have to admit that Antonio your channel is the best. Minutes ago I was going to search at what order to buy some shoes and viola, yours was on suggestion below.

  9. Do you know any quality dress shoe companys that sell kids size?

  10. But what about the starving children in syria, the rohingya and sahel africa?
    what should they wear for dinner at Le Bernardin tonight?

  11. The sad thing is that where I live there will NEVER EVER be a very elegant shoe for my size they only have it for size mens 7 to 10 most of the time. My best chance is eBay, Amazon etc.

  12. Samuel Hubbard are the most expensive I own… and wear daily

  13. Boy, Antonio, you always look superbly groomed. You're the best advertisement for what you preach. Oh, and the most expensive shoes I own are soft leather lace-up boots that were custom-made for me for a show – €1.500,-

  14. Antonio you do a great job. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  15. This video is terribly WRONG. You only need 2 shoes a version of #2 and #5. He says nothing about, why! or the parts of the shoes. search shoes and b2349. If you are not dressing women just simply wear everything black. His guy is not educated only taught by a clothes salesperson.

  16. My Jordan's

  17. Black cap toe Allen Edmonds.

  18. $700 Mezlan tassel loafers

  19. Will alligator/crocodile move shoes away from 'formal' and towards 'casual', like broguing and suede do?

  20. My most expensive shoes were about 50 dollars. Not that expensive but they did work well. Also I just bought 2 pairs of loafers one tannish grey and the other light brown the light brown is the most formal shoe I think I have ever bought!

  21. U did not fit in that suit and shirt…

  22. 8$ shoes local brand

  23. Doc martins man 250€ I Wear them every 3rd day

  24. $300 cycling shoes are my most expensive at the moment, always wear and use em too.

  25. $100 Chelsea boots, wear them every day

  26. Yezzy

  27. I love the vids but sometimes I wondwt about the titles like 5 pairs of dress shoes every man should own. I am a truck driver I like to dress nice but dress shoes or anything dressy os not realy job apropriate. I do however love herritage work boots raw denim and plaid shirts.

  28. If you think wearing boots and a suit is ridiculous come to Texas we will show you a few things

  29. At one point my most expensive shoe was my cowboy that were $200 and I wore those every day

  30. Fantastic video!

  31. UltimateBargains

    The first rule in luxury real estate is always wear slip-ons, no laces.

  32. Allen Edmonds , $450 oxfords

  33. My first pair is an oxblood double monks, second pair is a pair of black oxfords with closed lacing and a quarter-brogue. Followed by a pair of captain light brown/tan leather boots.
    And now I am struggling between a pair of dark brown dress loafers and a pair of black Chelsea since it's fall.
    Both of them are around 250 usd and I only have the budget for one pair of really good shoes. I understand the importance of inventing in good shoes but good finance is also what I look for in being a modern gentleman. Thank you Antonio.

  34. Santoni $1000

  35. They should make dress sneakers 🙂

  36. Just scored a pair of Allen Edmonds Park Avenue Derby Brogues. Kinda stoked about it, too.

  37. Presidential back depending adolescent charge search team.

  38. I have a pair of tennis shoes
    Hiking shoes
    Cowboy boots
    Dress shoes
    And a good old pair of work boots. And I mostly wear my work boots.

  39. XxHardcorexxGamerxX

    That looks like a really nice pocket square Antonio. Which one is it!?

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