THE FIRST THING I EVER COLLECTED! (Before My Sneaker Collection)

THE FIRST THING I EVER COLLECTED! (Before My Sneaker Collection)


  1. Orlando Magic –Penny you already know!!!

  2. thatGuyQuincy

    Basketball cards & kicks was going hand & hand with me during the 90s ….$1.50 to $2.25 packs at store & flip them during Class in junior high school & bring anywhere from $50-$75 a week or 2 …good profitable hustle (& saved some for my own collection)

  3. Hornets

  4. My favorite NBA team is the Boston Celtics!

  5. Hi Guys, from Hungary! My favourite NBA team: the Los Angeles Lakers.

  6. I am with you basketball card collection came before the sneakers without a doubt but as it should.Bulls all the way as well.

  7. Alberto Gonzalez

    My favorite nba team is the LA Clippers! My family hates me because they’re all sore losing laker fans


  9. Video idea – if you were just getting into sneaker collecting, so you didn't have boxes and boxes, but were ready to drop $300 on a pair, your first shoes of that price, what would you get?

  10. The Knicks have so many Hall of Famers, but the best Knick ever HAS to be Starks. All heart baby.

  11. Sports cards were my first collectible! Those are hella dope!

  12. Michael Kondrat

    How is Ewing not on that knicks list

  13. John Stacy II

    Vince Carter was my favorite player growing up. I watched some games when at UNC and in the NBA more of them.

  14. I have a crazy Basketball card collection… if only I could post pics in The comments

  15. John Stacy II

    Jerseys for me. I collect a lot of items now.

  16. SneakerCollector

    Before my sneaker collection started. It was Pokémon cards.

  17. Golden State the real deal. Even without Curry, Bay Area rockin

  18. Portland trailblazers

  19. Everytime foamer says playing cards I think a game of spades is gonna break out

  20. Damn foamer no Bernard King or Pat Ewing playing cards??

  21. You're trippin on Kanter. He was giving props to the Knicks team and the city/fans.

  22. Captain Ryelle

    what is thatt?

  23. James Ramírez

    San Antonio Spurs

  24. I used to collect cards too with my older Brother back when I was in elementary school.
    This brings back many memory.
    My favorite team is Bulls, coz I live through the 90's
    Too bad they're bad right now. LOL

  25. I am a melo fan.. and a knicks fan here also.. ❤️ yeaaaa please sign melo again ❤️

  26. Charles Martinez

    Bulls baby!!

  27. Neighborhood Worm

    I’m gonna start a soup collection

  28. scubawithatuba

    I already know you know who Gary V is then….

  29. My favorite team is the Charlotte Hornets. They got me into the NBA and I’m thankful for that.

  30. Man, it's amazing how much boxes of cards keep going up. Just bought a box of 2018-19 Panini Nat'l Treasures Basketball and it ran me $1,150. I did hit a nice Trae Young rookie patch auto though. Great video.

  31. That Carmelo card is a game jersey, I think

  32. Do a Top 5 NY Knick inspired or Signature sneaker


  34. Knicks all day

  35. Dallas fan 12

    My favorite NBA team is the rockets

  36. clay pfrangle

    Those are signed jersey cards. Those are damn.

  37. Amy Harbottle

    Playing Cards? Shouldn't it be Trading Cards?

  38. Chicago bulls all day every day.

  39. Marcus Stanley


  40. I used to collect NBA and Marvel Comics cards back in the day. Back in the Boys Club days as a kid, I used to be in all the Card Clubs (even won a trophy for it). They used to give us free NFL and MLB cards but the cards that I purchased were NBA and Marvel. I still have a majority of them too. I'm a Knicks and Mets fan, which means I'm on Suicide Watch all year round.

    There's a comic book shop in Queens called Royal Collectibles. They have a comic shop and a sports collectibles shop on the same block. I went there a couple of months back and copped some of those early 90s NBA cards that I used to get back in the day. They were selling whole, unopened boxes for like $10. Not bad.

  41. Card collecting was my 1st hobby too. Used to collect all brands, all sports. Then I started a subscription to sports illustrated, had that for a while. Also collected rolling stone, and Beckett sports card magazines. Collected newspapers for a while, a lot of USA Today sports editions. As I got older, I started collecting watches. Been a couple years since I last bought a watch. Now for the last year, I've been collecting sneakers.

    Once a collector, always a collector.

  42. i was all about sports cards. I have most of what I collected as a kid, but as a young adult I went back through them and put all the best shit in a box and gave it to my mom to put safe. now after she moves and dad is dead. can't find the cards. Maybe one day they will show up but for now it sucks ass not having those in had. oh well. shit could be worse. On a side note all the pokemon cards I collected as a kid, around age 15 when I thought I was too cool for pokemon, i gave them all to a cousin that I rarely see. i hope he kept em. haven't seen that guy since then it feels like. I wish I had those cards too lol! story time needs to stop. have a great day people.

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