The Future of Sneakers 2019-2020 and The Biggest Sneaker Release in History

The Future of Sneakers 2019-2020 and The Biggest Sneaker Release in History


  1. I'm a guy and probably the three tops women's shoes that I want are the two Jordan 3 Vogue collabs, and the Air Max Plus Tartan, they are just awesome looking shoes, and I am actually considering getting the rep versions of the Vogue Jordan 3's since the website I looked at had them in men's sizes, that Nike Zoom Pegasus XX looks nice too, I'd rock those if they had them in Men's sizes.

  2. This podcast was great and I enjoyed it, you guys are awesome and I appreciate your passion for sneakers!

  3. GOAT currently offers a storage option for the collection of shoes that you purchase.

  4. Leonardo Alfieri


  5. XxRISH the_XxDREAM

    Even this guy is flexing his air pods

  6. Great show as always. MUCH LOVE, PEACE AND SOOOOOOOOUUUUUUL TO YOU ALL ……and Happy 2019 guys!!!

  7. We need the Sneaker cloud storage system.

  8. The New Unboxing Things


  9. Ayyyuuu, about time I've been waiting ages for the return

  10. i waited so long for your podcast. Great job and have an awesome 2019!

  11. AirPod users be like…


    Love you

  13. I swapped out my jordan 1 insoles with lunarlons from my chuck taylor 2s and they're infinitely more comfortable

  14. I mess with ur reviews and all but an hour long podcast. Dang.

  15. What is happening with your sub count? Keeps on going from 1 million to like 300k ! What is going on YouTube!!?

  16. Tazmanian Gaming

    Oh yeah

  17. Air pod ALERT

  18. Nightcore Is My Life

    Hyperadapt Basketball Shoes about $200-250?

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