The girl who wrote to Steph Curry about girls Under Armour shoes not on the website | NBA on ESPN

The girl who wrote to Steph Curry about girls Under Armour shoes not on the website | NBA on ESPN

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  1. It there is no difference between girls and boys why can’t she wear boys shoes??

  2. This doesn’t sit well with me just because she designed a shoe made just for girls but she throws a fit cause they aren’t in the girls section she could just wear the shoes and move on curry only did cause he didn’t want backlash and she didn’t change the world she gave under armor another thing to worry about and about her she’s they are completely sexist but yet she want both genders (to rock Curry’s) straight from her letter she made it worse

  3. Boys r better than girls.
    Facts Facts facts

  4. Still not wearing em lol. Kobe’s, or Kyrie better basketball kicks

  5. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ basketball is life

  6. Dear Curry, you know I'm a big fan but I have a big concern. Broke people like me can't get your shoes I hope you solve this and while ur at it get me the iPhone 8+ and some Galaxy buds and airpods. You know what just buy me the apple store thank you. If you don't do this you don't care about broke people
    Random broke dude on his wiiphone

  7. I like how she said you dont have to be rude, you can be kind and respectful and get change you hope for.
    Brie Larson, you watchin?

  8. Ianish Ketaruth

    4:06 so another curry 6 colour way is changing the world now?

  9. Stephs a good man.

  10. This is great marketing…even my broke ass wanted those purple Currys after watching this shit…

  11. Love this…But in the shoe there is a grammatical error – lol. Rock the Curry's? It's suppose to say Rock the Currys (it's plural, not possessive!). #Teacher

  12. When this story started back in late November, I loved how Steph responded to the girl's message! This follow-up/ending with Steph delivering all he promised this 9 year old girl, is all amazing and truly unselfish Steph! RESPECT!!! RESPECT!!!! RESPECT!!!!!!
    KUDOS to Riley Morrison for speaking up on the issue of girls' shoe sizes unavailability in the NBA player's sneaker lines, and with Steph's/UA's help and support, in being game changers in the NBA kicks market! <3 <3 <3

  13. More like her daddy wrote the letter…

  14. PR/Marketing story, or not, this story is genuinely from the heart!

    A 9-year old girl–who hoops–was disappointed that girl sizes do not exist on the NBA players' line sneakers. She wrote that letter not expecting any response from Steph/his reps/UA. She didn't expect anything, other than for her words to be taken into account.

    I believe that it was Steph himself who noticed the girl's message. He does check his social media pages/sites when he can. It doesn't matter whether it was actually Steph who wrote her back. He did respond to her, after all! Yes, the girl's letter gave Steph a great opportunity to make a shift/change in his and NBA player's shoe lines.

    What I love about this entire story is that Steph gave her the credit for this change! At last night's game vs Nuggets–at half time–he put the spot light on her and the result of what her message did!!! He could've easily taken the credit, but he didn't. He unselfishly made this story about this little girl who is about to change the NBA player's sneaker business by adding shoe sizes for girls.

    Yes, girls can wear boy's sizes, but the fit is not good; they're often too big here and there, and don't hold the heels and/or toes firmly. In case you haven't realized, males and females differ anatomically. Yes, girls hoop, too–and they're really good at it.

    Steph uses his platform to speak up on social issues. As of last year, he's added his voice and actions of lessening–if not eliminating—the gender gap/inequality. This story is a big part of his mission, which he represented from a young female's perspective in her own words!


    The only "selfish" part in this is that as a devoted and a loving husband and father, he wants to see his beloved wife and daughters thrive in a society that is not prejudiced/biased on one's gender, race/ethnicity, nor their economic backgrounds. Any caring and a loving father who has daughters, would love to see their young ladies thrive in a society of equal opportunity and without any dividing barriers–of the socio-psychological and physical (non)sense. Peace and Love to all.

  15. You Fucking suck dumbass little girl , “I hope to be as good as him when I’m older” “boys aren’t any different then girls” Shut the fuck up

  16. Cute, but guys are better than girls. My high school's Varsity team could probably beat any WNBA team…

  17. Luv Curry he is a really man. Mama raised him right. Can't say that about these azzholes hatin on him BUT enough thought about them. Riley I'm proud of you. Lil lady bring raised right by another stong man. Oh yeah that's what the haters lack too I'M SURE strong role models…father. Loving mother. Sorry u got crap for parents and wanna throw shade on someone who is doing good in the world. Did i say azzholes? Anywho….sry for ranting on abouy nobodies it just urks me…the story is about a lil but might young lady AND a well rounded public figure who took the time to read a simple yet powerful letter. Let's make a difference for the betterment of the world we live in. Hhhh ok THANKS

  18. Great marketing tactic.

  19. Now who done coached feminism to this innocent child. All of this over a shoe size

  20. This is how the public caves to anything feminine….does she just want a florescent color? Girls don't "always have to buy something in the boys section"… Why to we buy into this false rhetoric?

  21. Steph should send some shoes to Zion.

  22. “He’s a really good ball handler I wanna be as good as him”

  23. gengar hide-self

    good job

  24. Number 2 Pencil

    Boys aren't better than girls, uhh

  25. She's probably outgrew the shoe already

  26. Did she just change the world?

  27. "boys arent any better then girls, theres no difference" well honey, youll learn the difference when youre older

  28. Christian Mendez

    Yeah there is a difference! WNBA is a shit show


  30. Franklin Delano Bluth

    can I speak to the manager: Children’s Edition

  31. The sizes on Under Armour shoes are way off. Size 10's are like 11's. I recently got a pair of size 11's they're damn near size 12

  32. Looks pretty like curry too .

  33. Such a happy story! Love it.

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