The Luxury Sneaker Buying Guide – Common Projects, Stan Smith, Oliver Cabell, Greats, Suit Supply ++

The Luxury Sneaker Buying Guide – Common Projects, Stan Smith, Oliver Cabell, Greats, Suit Supply ++

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  1. Amazing review! Wow thanks

  2. Eagerly awaiting the follow-up video with the new sneakers you said you bought!

  3. Good stuff!!!

  4. thank you for the info, I personally like weareunderdogs a lot.

  5. You should try out Kent wang sneakers. I have a review on my channel. If you get the handgrade version, they’re hand stitched margum outsole and made in Italy high end leather for 150 bucks. Cheers.

  6. Hi Kavalier,
    Do you know where suitsupply sneaker is made from?
    They don’t say it on their website for some reason.

  7. I dont know about this but my stans are here to stay! Used 3 years and very little signs of wear!!

  8. I recently bought a pair of KOIO, and when I compare it with my colleague's Common Projects, I feel CP has sleeker and narrower silhouette and actually look better in my opinion 🙁

  9. New Republic looks great for about 3 months but you can't beat the price. Give Aquatalia a shot too! Great video.


    Have you tried Jak Shoes?

  11. After watching this video I want them all…you have excellent taste

  12. Súper, I love my greats, I have the all white ones and want to buy the all black including the sole, I now have my first pair of Jordans 1 Gatorade orange peel on their way, funny that at age 45 is when the bug for sneakers started! Great video! Merry Christmas!

  13. Xuan Cong Nguyen

    Have you try Svensson low ? People said they have the same manufacture with CP ?

  14. What about the Lacoste L.12.12 shoes?

  15. It seems like the Crown Northampton shoes are the ones that are the best constructed ones. Too bad they don't have the slim silhouette of the CP!

  16. Should I buy the Adidas Stan Smith Recon for $30?

    Edit: Okay, I just bought it for $15.

  17. forgot to mention, Wings & Horn also make a white sneaker that is made in the same factory as the CP. Great looking shoe with blind leather work
    around $450CND

  18. thanks for introducing me to Crown Northampton. Just ordered myself a pr in the black/wholecut, and minus the VAT is a very decent deal for handmade to order. cheers

  19. You awesome,I love the way you speak fast and to the point and cover all areas very quickly

  20. Carlos Rodriguez

    Stan Smith’s all day for me. Super classic and I don’t have to worry about beating them up or getting them dirty. $80 dollars a year plus there’s always discounts.

  21. Saint Laurent is best with pure white sneakers

  22. Colehaan Crosscourts (found at DSW) or the CH sale section on their website are a great option too 🙂 I have a pair myself and their leather is so soft and they are so lightweight!

  23. Does anyone know the validity of They have a black friday sale with the Achilles low half off, but i dont want to pull the trigger on some chinese knock offs. Thanks

  24. Self Explanatory

    I’m a fashion newbie, just got rid of my cargo shorts. Besides white sneakers, what color would you say is the second most versatile?


  25. You should check out Artisan Labs. Debating whether I should pull the trigger on those

  26. Javier Sánchez Panduro

    Your hair and shirt look so old but your face looks so young I’m really confused

  27. How about the premium leather stan smiths and also the yeezy calabasas?

  28. Just buy the common projects. It never pays to buy a shoe that's LIKE a shoe. Off fifth 200 and change. You won't regret it

  29. How do the crown northhamptom shoes size?

  30. Man, i remember that day like it was yesterday.
    Years ago i went with my girlfriend at the time to tk max coz she wanted to buy new jacket. I wasnt looking to buy anything for me, but I suddenly saw on the shelf pair of shoes in cream color with golden numers on the side. It was my size (10) when i put them on i knew i will buy them. They were 70€ reduced from over 300€. Only later i learn that it was a common project. The best shoe i have ever owned. I loved that shoes. Never owned them again unfortunately-there are to expensive. Great video. Brings back good memories.

  31. Sweet Soul Brother

    I only wish you included Erik Schedin's in this but besides that, a perfect video. I knew a lot of the brands in this before I bought the Eriks which are ok-ish in my opinion. My only warning to others is that I bought Frank & Oaks white sneaker from 2-ish years ago and it was a disgrace. The No Returns policy killed me too. Anything has to be better. Adidas are better. New Republic is better. However, it seems they updated their model to basically be an Achilles Low copy called 'The Park'. Back then they made a model with weird stitching at the sides and round laces similar to the F&O shoe in the video (yours has flat laces though). Trust me when I say it was constructed like a cheap department store shoe and the leather was worse than your bottom rung Stan Smith.

  32. zespa from france

  33. 6:57 are suitsupply sneakers 179$ in the us because they're only 129 euros in the Netherlands

  34. absolutely LOVE your dedication to thorough, educational, and (most importantly) unbiased content. first video i’ve seen of you and i can’t wait for more of this genuine content. take your time 🙂 quality>quantity

  35. Jastr Enigineering

    Thanks for the great video. Do you have any experience in the Yeezy Calabasas? I saw it wasn’t mentioned and wondered if you had any thoughts

  36. You should try Wings+horns "court lows"

  37. You should try Filling Pieces

  38. How is the leather on the m GEMI compared to the Koio s

  39. Which shoe is wide feet friendly?

  40. Amazing video sir. Honor to watch. Hope to see more exciting videos.

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