The Most Hypebeast Sneakers in my Collection!! (Nike, Adidas, Supreme, Gucci + More)

The Most Hypebeast Sneakers in my Collection!! (Nike, Adidas, Supreme, Gucci + More)


  1. Lol when you jumped on your sneakers my heart crumpled

    Lol great collection!

  2. No nmd’s rlly man?

  3. Yt_stealth Whitey boy

    Please come England

  4. Great Video !

  5. man hasn't got a clue about the history of sneakers, he thinks hyped sneakers started 5yrs ago ffs. Jesus wept.

  6. This guy cannot keep kanye out of this mouth lol

  7. I want the nike mags so bad

  8. Ayyye yo itz history class wit mr blazendary

  9. Just saying my dude, need to get a smaller shirt next time. Your shoulders are 2-3 inches to small for that fit

  10. Shopping nike supremer

  11. Toma Hurezeanu

    YOU forgot bape

  12. What is Kanye commuted on your channel

  13. sienna and justice

    This was a very sneakers educational video good job

  14. 0:10 that jump killed me

  15. KANYE

  16. This is Bob 🙂
    Bob is broke 🙁
    Bob buys his sneakers from ioffer 🙂
    Be like Bob buy fakes and act like they're real $_$

  17. SliceOfGaming

    0.13 that made me cringe RIP shoes all scuffed

  18. So everything kanye wears makes every hypebeast gets hype?

  19. Zebras go for $550 not $400

  20. Don’t like your sneaker collection

  21. Edxel John Apongan

    Man YouTube has commercial! 🙁

  22. You are trippin if u think that adidas took over the shoe game over nike…

  23. Eduardo Pindado Luengo

    I huy your powerphase calabas

  24. What happened to the Nike SB hype

  25. Cole Douglass

    Air 2s are my favorite

  26. I could probably just make the supreme air force

  27. I actually don’t want a pair of yeezys tho.

  28. you gotta get the new Human Races that look like rainbow sherbert with the Hindi (I think) lettering… so fire

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