The Most ICONIC Shoes/Sneakers of All Time | Do You Own These?

The Most ICONIC Shoes/Sneakers of All Time | Do You Own These?

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  1. Antonio Sandoval

    Red Wing Boots > timberlands

  2. What about the beeswax Desert boots .

  3. Im wanna ask something but dont get me wrong. Im just curious and confuse, what race are you? are u Mexican? Malay? Filipino? Indian?

  4. jj imarealmodel154

    Air Force 1

  5. I request you to please make a video on hair spa

  6. Russell Westbrook

    Timbs for life ❤️

  7. if y'all watching all his videos….get a life you weird bitch!

  8. Vans? Anyone?

  9. 1985. not 84'

  10. Where can I find that black sneaker?

  11. I checked the description to see what is being sponsored in this video

  12. tim van den berg

    where tha vans oldskool b/w?

  13. JOSE please see this, We need a spring fashion guide bc its already in the 70s where I am from, and a boy wants ideas. ALSO please make striped styles for the esntls tees. I have a really crappy old navy black and white striped t, I would love to have that exact look with yalls t shirts

  14. 🙁 acemarks doesn't make a size big enough for me…

  15. Shoe for 600 lmao

  16. Adarsha Adhikari

    U r outstanding

  17. NIKE TNS

  18. Steven Degli Angeli

    Jose, your shoe collection sucks dick. You dress like a garbage man. You know nothing about fashion. Go clean your smelly balls.Your style is ghetto.Que se vaya de donde vienes.Mierda.

  19. This Channel is pretty much all about consumerism. The need to posses more and newer things. Unsubscribed a long time ago

  20. Boots orSneakers???
    Which one??

  21. AIR FORCE 1S ?!

  22. I don’t have no god damn leather pieces of shit so I can go to school and the store and look like a badly dressed 40 year old man.

    Yes that was meant to bring out the inner retard in me. We all have one.

  23. Matthew Faircloth

    Are loafers even sneakers

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