The Teen Sneaker Dealer to the Rich and Famous

The Teen Sneaker Dealer to the Rich and Famous


  1. Do you have Nike Revolution 2's? They don't make them anymore, and their fricking FIRE

  2. Goofy ass Wannabe meme

    Still has a fucked up line up

  3. He didnt leave school? I like that

  4. "Any shoe need" 0:03

  5. Maybe ur rich but ur fat and ugly boii

  6. His father is actually rich as well, his father started his business

  7. Does anyone know what the shoes at 0:43 is called?

  8. So why is he going to school

  9. 1:22 in the back right there's a pair of Jordan 1's that look exactly like the Freddy Kruger themed Jordan's that SophieShoes customized

  10. I sold my dignity to Brendon Urie, when am I getting famous?

  11. How's business?

  12. He should put one in georgia


    do australia plz come to melbourne and il buy some jordans

  14. This kid goes to krop

  15. I like how you guys only saw a 3 min video of this guy and you are judging him you dont wven know him

  16. That kid must be spoiled to the core.

  17. Everyone is to jealous and ignorant to accept that this kid worked to get here because he's white

  18. I'm going to hell for laughing at the part where he says he's making a store in Miami

  19. Check money king

  20. This generation is shit stop crying if you want something go get it. Yes he had money already but that doesn't mean anything. He still has to work hard.He went to school and was able to run a business when all you guys do is waste your time.

  21. what does he mean when he says that he pays people to stay in line for him and then gets the shoes for free @Great Big Story

  22. Nothing but a rich kid who's been handed everything and anything his parents started him off not hating just giving my opinion

  23. at 1:06 they both have fake bape shorts


  25. The question is

    What pair does he wear?

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  27. Even his mom got yeezys Holy fukk

  28. Anyone notice that all of the family members where all wearing yeezys? Like if you agree!

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